Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Garment of the Month

I just made it! I finished my first Garment of the Month last night! Here it is.

The pattern? Vogue 8605, again!


The fabric? A chunky , two side ,sweater knit bought at Fabricville. It looks like a jacket but is really an unlined ,long cardi.

Style changes? Yes, quite a few.

Here are my other versions of V8605,a pattern with which I've had a long term relationship.

Special features of this version include:

A single layer collar using the "wrong" side of my knit and different from the  shawl collar shown on the pattern envelope..

(the under side of the collar)

A new version of the the pocket from the one included in the pattern . For these I simply changed the shape but followed the same application technique I blogged about here.

Buttonholes missing the back facing piece shown in the pattern guide. I simply turned under the lips of the buttonholes. (I forgot to get a pic)

Other minor changes . I lengthened the sleeves and I used four buttons instead of one shown on the pattern.

I used no facings. The large buttons are supported underneath by smaller buttons.

I'm very pleased with the way this turned out. My topper is cozy and fashionable (I think) and the colour is a real change for me as I don't have any other green garments in my winter wardrobe . I see it as mostly casual  ( I am now working on a pair of dark green , stretch denim jeans as part of a three piece combo ),  but I could probably wear this over a dress or skirt .

I can't wait to wear this one. It really fits into my  lifestyle as a retired woman!

What do you think?

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Linda T said...

I do love green, but tend to buy more blues (?) What is that about??? You look wonderful in that green topper. You have gotten lots of mileage out of that pattern! Well done!

Anna said...

I agree that you look wonderful in your new topper--that shade of green definitely suits you!

Towanda said...

You look great. I pulled that pattern out for my next project. I hope you don't mind if I borrow some of your ideas. :-)

Lisa said...

That color is very becoming on you. Lovely coat! Looks comfy, cozy and warm.

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

I love it.. The color is just perfect.

twotoast said...

Wow - such a versatile pattern! I have it in my collection . . . . it is probably time to pull it out and make something up! Your jackets are all very lovely!

Sarah Liz said...

That is a wonderful shade of green that looks good on you - and will go with neutrals such as navy. It will be a great casual jacket for your lifestyle. It certainly is a lovely pattern. Thank you for the hint about the buttons - an old trick but a good one.

Vicki said...

How lovely and cosy! I think this is my favourite of all the versions.

Dawn WH said...

Wow, looks amazing! And you definitely wear more of that green; it's very you! :)x

Sharon said...

It looks great on you and love the colour as well. Interesting how the one pattern can have so many looks!

Sew, Jean Margaret said...

Lovely cardigan, pretty colour and looks like it will be a favourite in your wardrobe. Love the sweater knit.

Tany said...

Perfection! Love the color, the model, and you've made it so special with every sigle detail!

Vernelle Nelson said...

Hi, Diana -

I love that coat, especially the pocket and collar details. I looks great on you, too. Wear it proudly in good health.

Andrea said...

Beautiful, and such a pretty color on you, Diana!

Linda said...

I love your coat! What a great green color and looks great on you!