Sunday, December 14, 2014

My Christmas Dress, Burda 6988

For once, I made a dress for Christmas and even managed to finish it way ahead of time! Here it is.

It looks much better in person and I love it.

The fabric was suppose to be a charcoal slinky with gold sprays bought from Fashion Well, to me , this is nothing like slinky. It's thicker and much less drapey than any slinky I've ever worn. The pattern is formed by dull gold threads and not too blingy which works for me.

I used Burda 6988 because having made it twice this fall if I count the top I made as the muslin, I knew it was a quick sew and a good fit.

I want to emphasize how great the curved French Dart works on the this dress to give one waist definition. I highly recommend this pattern for that one detail.

 I cut a size 10 through the shoulders .but again made a narrow shoulder adjustment and I cut a size 14 from the chest down. As before ,I didn't need my usual FBA and I think using the dart for the size 14 made the difference. This time I lengthened ( as well as narrowed) the sleeves for a ruched look at the cuffs. I made this version more close fitting and I also pegged the skirt from hip to hem, probably about four inches on each side by the time I got to the hem. .

 I intend to do a whole post on this pattern to show how I altered it to fit me including a really cool neckline facing on Diana's Sewing Lessons if anyone is interested. One of my sisters bought this pattern and I want to help her out . So if this pattern is in your stash, that post might be of some interest.I'll post it in a day or two.

I wore my dress  to a gala my husband and I attended in Ottawa last week celebrating Hockey Canada's 100th anniversary. I even have an "action" shot of me wearing the dress. The nice man in the photo with Bob and me is Peter Mackay, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada..

I haven't been cruising your blogs in the last while partly because of our trip and also because our house was on the Christmas tour this year and a lot of work was put into decorating and getting it ready. The tour was last night and it was lots of fun! I'll leave you with a pic of the tree and living room, albeit from a previous year, but it still looks like this.

And one taken in the dining room .And there's a nice view of the lake in the distance!

Hope you are sewing great things for Christmas!
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