Sunday, May 8, 2016

A New Spring Dress, B5522

Well I'm back ! I really think having to get pictures taken will do me in as a blogger! I got enough pics taken however  today for three blog posts, I hope.

Spring weather is finally here so it was a good day for my new spring dress. I used B5522  (OOP) but simplified the sleeves and that was not easy to do !! I had to lay all those individual pieces one on top of the other keeping in mind the seam allowances and they turned out a little on the small size.

 The fabric is a poly/lycra bought at Fabricville.

I also changed the neckline for my dress to utilize part of the fabric's border print but I can't say I love the result. I think I should have lowered the neckline some but it's OK I guess.

I used a different part of the border for  the sleeves.

I really like the freedom of this A-line silhouette and the way it glides over the figure. It's so much easier to wear than a sheath dress although  I love  the slim fit of  a sheath. I had used this pattern for the body of this dress a couple of years ago and I've pulled it out of my closet many times. I don't love this one as much, I have to admit,  but both are really comfortable to wear.

It's very windy today so the dress is billowing out a bit.


What am I working on now? I'm agonizing over the collar of Sandra Betzina's V1494. I tell you, that collar makes no sense! Has anyone else made this coat?

Happy Mother's Day to all you Mums out there. I'm a happy one because each of my three children have called me today! They always do but I have this fear that one of them will forget me which is silly because they never do!!

More later from,