Saturday, August 25, 2012

Two poncho Type Tops




This past winter, I made a couple of poncho-like wraps as project samples for my Sewing Group. I loved those wraps and wore them constantly. They were the perfect cover-ups for around the house on really frigid days and for outdoor wear in spring. If you are interested in how they are made, check out the link above.

I made this navy blue version to take with me for a long weekend in Halifax in May.  It has a nautical look  I think.

The fabric is a beautiful (albeit polyester)  navy blue, weighty cable knit that had a fantastic wide selvedge which I was able to use to finish the sides and the neck edge. I simply cut the selvedges off and serged them to the garment.


For the closures I sewed two layers of buttons together and added a snap to each. I made three sets which I change up to match various pants ,shoes,etc. Just a bit of fun!

Note: My poncho tops are slightly shaped from neck to shoulder and from shoulder to hem like this.

This week I made this one.

I love this piece and have worn it twice already.

The fabric is a mesh which I've had in my stash for years. There are actually two layers. The top one has a flocked leaf design and the under layer is a plain mesh.The result is that the garment is less see-through and has a nice drape.

I hand basted the two layers together then serged all edges.

Again, their was a great selvedge which I used to finish the sides.The hem is turned up and fastened with Steam-a-Seam.

For the neck binding ,I used a part of the selvedge which had a curl to it.

I simply added great buttons from my stash to close the sides.

I wore my poncho top last night to a beach lobster boil and brought along the heavier one above  for warmth later in the evening. I got lots of compliments so in my mind, these are successful projects.

I wore this one on a shopping trip.

I'm now in the process of making the dress version of S2249 (OOP)which will be my last "summer" project.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and that your weather is as beautiful as it is here in the Maritimes!

Happy  Sewing!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

An Outfit for Tamara

Tamara has been home for the past week and a half.

 She had picked out this outfit when we went to Fabricland the last time I was in Ottawa last spring..I've just gotten round to making it this week while she went camping with friends.

It was a lovely surprise when she came home this evening to find this in my sewing room.

The pattern is New Look 6609

As you can see, I didn't take any artistic licence but made an exact copy of the pattern envelope.
DD loves it! All fabrics are cotton.

A closer look.

The handbag of course was her favorite thing


And my sweet daughter in her new ensemble.

Tam goes home Monday and somehow that makes me feel like summer is over!! How did that happen?

I still have one summer garment to make even though I'd rather work on something for fall.It's been cut out since July and I promised myself no UFO's this summer.

Hope you found time to sew this week. More later from

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Denim Dress

My sister- in- law, who hasn't worn a dress since she retired twenty plus years ago , wanted a denim dress! I said I would use the new skills I've learned by watching Peggy Sagers' Webcasts to make her one.

I won't tell you that this project was an easy one. I had quite a few challenges to fit dear Doreen but in the end, she was satisfied and pleased with her dress. Here it is

The design is my own. I used various patterns with modifications.

The fabric is an 8 oz. cotton denim. ( I know. That's too heavy but Doreen chose it and I went along knowing it would be too stiff for the flared skirt she wanted). The result isn't bad really.

A few detailed shots.

The back.

The pockets.

The sleeves

I had hoped to get a pic of Doreen wearing it but I haven't gotten a chance .I do love seeing people in the garments they wear as I'm sure you do too, but oh well!!

That's it for this week. Happy Sewing from

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Burda Style Jacket

This jacket was very needed in my wardrobe and I've been working on it ,on and off, for about two months.

It is Burda Style #123 from the 01/09 issue.

When I first saw this one, I decided I had to make it. I loved its simplicity and colour.That was three years ago!

My version is a little different. I omitted the upper pockets and designed a new  bottom pocket style. Here it is:

A close-up of the pockets.

As you see I slanted them, added a zipper and formed a secondary pocket  on the larger one.To make this into a working ,zippered pocket I had to double the larger one. I simply made a welt type opening sewed the zipper, then sewed from bottom, along one side up to the top of the zipper, across the top of the zipper and down the other side

I added multiple rows of top-stitching to pocket flaps as well as to the collar.

Instead of snaps (which I cannot master no matter how hard I try), I used these great squared metal buttons.

I  added a lining ,

Details  about this garment:

Fabric was called Memory Cloth when I bought it at Fabricville. It isn't waterproof so I will have to spray it to make it so.
Lining fabric is a polyester taffeta plaid.

I made size 42 and it fit really well. I made my usual FBA and added a chest dart.. I found the sleeves to be quite long and had to shorten them.

Now I'm ready for the fall but I hope it doesn't come too soon!

My little Angel Riley is visiting me with her Daddy this week and I'm so happy to have them both!
You know I can't resist  showing her off a little!!

More later form