Saturday, July 30, 2011

Riley is Preventing me From Sewing

Well there won't be any projects to show for a while because my son and his family are here for two weeks.

I've been monopolizing Riley for a whole week already and she's probably tired of being hugged and kissed!!! But those chubby little cheeks are so darn cute!

I've been seeing some amazing things on your blogs and I'll be very glad to get back to sewing when my little angel leaves. I'll need some comforting and sewing always makes me feel better.

I'm planning to make V8663 View B for Tamara.

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Monday, July 11, 2011

How Vogue 8570 Turned into Something Else.

I've had this yellow fabric for years and always thought it was too bright but when I saw the Queen wearing yellow to Will and Kate's wedding, I knew I had to make it into a dress!

I've also had this pattern for a while and thought it would make a nice cool dress for those hot summer days. I was so wrong!

This is what it looked like with a few modifications.

It looks Ok but the neckline was quite a bit higher than the picture on the envelope and I had to add back darts and curve in the side seams at the waist line because it was very boxy.

The real problem however was that because I'm chesty ,having to draw in my bra straps to avoid them showing was just too uncomfortable. I guess, the style was not a wise choice for me. Live and learn!

Because I had put in a lot of work on it including lining it, I was upset that it didn't turn out. I had very little fabric left so restyling it seemed like an impossibility. But where there's a will, there's away.

I managed to piece together a new bodice loosely based on S2247. I had to do some creative cutting and seaming but I did it.So here is what I came up with.

In addition to the new bodice, I added front darts to give it a bit more shape and I added an invisible zipper.V 8570 didn't call for one! I changed the back slit to a kick pleat.I changed the pockets too so they wouldn't add bulk to the hip area.I used the pockets application from Sandra Betzina's coat V1060.I've applied these pockets several times and love them.

The fabric is a very soft stretch cotton twill and the lining is cotton voile.

I love this dress now. I regret the Vogue one didn't turn out because I still love the style but now I know I have to stick to age as well as figure appropriate styles. This one, like my last dress, S2404, reminds me of the 60's and/or Madmen. It skims over my body with a nice amount of ease and I've decided that's a good look for me.

I wore this to church and out to lunch today and got lots of compliments so it's official . My yellow dress is a success! More pics here.

Hope you are having a nice summer and are finding time to sew!

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Simplicity 2404, my First Summer Dress of 2011

We had one hot day last week, and I immediately felt like making a sleeveless dress!

I'm intrigued by Simplicity's Amazing Fit patterns because they give so many chances to get a really good fit, so S2404

I used the C cup pieces for the front bodice even though I'm a double D because in the past, I've tried the D cup pieces and I found the result was too roomy. For the hips, I used the average pieces and that was fine,

The fabric is a stretch cotton poplin which really doesn't wrinkle very much so I'm very happy with the results. Here it is...

I think it has a retro look ,don't you?

The style is very simple with a split neckline...

...and released darts...

I used an invisible zipper for the back closure and I've put a tutorial here on my method of applying an invisible zipper because I've never seen it anywhere else and I can honestly say I thought it up myself. ( I really don't mean to blow my own horn though).

As soon as I put my new dress on, I got a flashback to the 60's. ( Oh dear, please don't take that the wrong way!!!) It so reminds me of dresses I wore in my youth!

I think this dress will become a favorite. It's cool and comfortable to wear and DH likes it. That's always a plus!

I hope my fellow Canadians had a great Canada Day and I wish my American friends a wonderful 4th of July!

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