Saturday, January 30, 2010

Vogue 1058 a Second Time& My Birthday Present

Well, it will be my birthday next week and my husband asked me what I wanted. I promptly replied:

"Nothing. I already have everything I want....Oh,wait, there is one thing...a subscription to the Web Tv Shows on Power Sewing!!!!"

So I'm enrolled and have watched a few episodes and I'm loving them! And Karla, at Power Sewing was such a sweetheart!

As for what I've been sewing, I made V1058 this week which happens to be one of Sandra's patterns.The fabric is a delicate rayon sweater knit and I do mean delicate!

Do I like it? Yes I do but what should have been an easy sew turned out to be a pain in the....!

I've made this before and it turned out fine except for the sleeves which were too short even for 3/4 ones.

So the first change I made was to cut the sleeves about 4" longer.

Then I decided that I would add a bust dart, just because. I closed the dart and opened it along the lower bodice and gathered a few inches.

This whole process turned out to be unnecessary because the bodice is a little big now

Other changes I made were to add a self facing to both upper and lower front and a more substantial one for the back neck. I also added 1.5"to the length of the cardi. I don't remember why!

Instead of using the tied closure I opted for a loop and button on the band which I overlapped since the bodice is a little too roomy.I like the effect.

This twin set is suppose to be part of my PARISwardrobe.Yes!That's right! We're going to Paris in September!Our dream vacation at last!But more about that another time.

So here it is for what it's worth. It didn't photograph well at all. It doesn't really look wrinkled like this.

This is not a flattering look fo r me. Maybe it can be worn with a summer dress or something.

More pics here.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Something a Little Different

Wednesday morning, (that's my Big Sewing Day), I had planned on making New Look 6807 out of this poly sheer animal print from my What Goes With Brown fabrics, but out of the blue,I suddenly decided to make Vogue7829

I've had this pattern for a long time and I always intended to use it to make a lounger but I felt like a challenge that day and this pattern and fabric were both a challenge.

I agonized over whether I could ignore the fact that it was meant to be a bias garment. In the end I decided to take the chance and cut it on the straight grain and it worked out just fine..

Next decision was which sleeves to make. I finally decided on View C but minus the bottom pointed layer.

Should I use the tied closures or did I want loops and buttons? I went for the loops and these pretty buttons I've been dying to use and which were gifted to me by a non-sewing friend.

The gold in the buttons is not as bright as the gold threads in the fabric but I 'm just ignoring that.

I cut the shoulder area a size 12 with my usual sloped and narrow shoulder alteration and the side seams at size 14. I enlarged the bust dart about 3/4". I shortened the front and back pieces a total of 3" in two different places and cut the blouse out hoping for the best.(As you probably know by now, I rarely make a muslin). Here's the finished garment.

It's pretty isn't it? But you're probably thinking it doesn't look exactly like the pattern cover. Well I decided to cut off some of the length. I know it's a no-no but I just cut off about another 4" right across the front and on a slight slant at the back. It was just too darn long and it did not flatter my height.

I used French seams everywhere (even where there was gathering to be done),except the set in sleeve which I serged. The result is a nice clean finish.

I also added a modesty panel between the left center front and facing.

For the sleeve casing, I used clear elastic so it wouldn't show through and it doesn't!

What would I do differently if I were to make it again?

I think I would add a full facing to include an undercollar if I were to use a sheer fabric again. I'm not in love with the single layered collar .It doesn't know what to do with itself..

The second change I would make is to take the seam allowance off the front shoulder and add it to the back shoulder because ,as in many patterns(at least I find it so),the shoulder wants to slip toward the back.

Having said all that, I really like this blouse. I wore it today with brown pants I finished last week from my most favorite pant pattern (V2873 ), and I really like it.I wore it to church and to lunch afterward and my friends complimented me on it.So did my husband as he was taking these pictures. He also said:
"I can't believe you can make stuff like this!"

Sunday, January 17, 2010

More"What Goes With brown" Pieces

I often visit blogs and feel sad for those of you who don't have very much time to sew. While I was still teaching I use to alternate on Saturdays between cleaning and sewing.That worked well for me and at that time ,I was very organized.

As a retired person ,I chose Wednesday as my Big Sewing Day.I sew other times too, but Wed. is my guilt-free-do-nothing-else-from-early-morning-to-late-at-night sewing day.And I enjoy every minute. My DH goes to town and spends the night at his sister's so I can have this one day all to myself.

This Wednesday, I made this top,

thinking it would look well with this skirt.

But I didn't really like them together.

The top is View A of Simplicity2520

and the fabric is a really nice polyester sweater knit.This fabric did not act like polyester at all and is very comfortable to wear.

The only change I made was to the sleeves. I straightened them and made them 7/8 with a wide hem. I like that look.

The fit is fairly snug. I cut my usual Size 12 for the shoulder area but Size 14 for the side seams and I could have used a bit more room. (but then, I am a little rounder than usual at present,LOL)

The neckline is very high and fairly snug,actually a little too snug but I like the look of the yoke

I used an invisible zipper closure at the back

Now about this skirt!

I think many of us fell in love the first time we saw this Marci Tilton skirt.
What you need to know if you've tried this pattern or are planning on it is that the pieces don't fit together! I was completely shocked when this happened!I thought am I stupid or what? Then I remembered Katherine's green version of this pattern and so I checked it out and of course this wonderful and generous woman had the solution.I won't go into details but the problem lies with the bias pieces having an extra inch on all sides.

The pieces fit effortlessly together after removing the extra inch and I really like the results. I didn't change a thing. I cut out the size 12 and it fit. I did use bias stay tape so the bias seams wouldn't stretch too much and had no trouble at all.I had fun top stitching (I love top stitching).

My fabric is a light suit weight cotton/poly blend and my skirt looks very much like the one on the envelope.Here I am wearing the two pieces together but its not a great look.

Here's a back view with Vogue 8323

More pics here.
Happy Sewing from Diana

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Top For Next Christmas (Vogue 8323)

Every Christmas ,I plan on making something a little special,maybe even sparkly, and each year it just doesn't happen.

A couple of years ago, I bought a beautiful and rather expensive rusty stretch cotton lace and cut out the top.I used View C of V8323 and cut it out without any alterations.(Actually, I forgot to do my FBA).However,it lingered among my UFO's.

Right after Christmas this year,I had the idea of making this now for next year.

I had originally intended to underline the whole thing with a nude colour tricot lining and after pinning each piece,I decided I didn't like the effect. I didn't have anything brown to use so I decided on black tricot

Here you see the difference between the two underlinings.

I basted all the pieces and underlinings together and treated the two layers as one.The top went together very well and I think I achieved a good fit. I found the sleeves were a little short so I added an inch and a half strip of the lace for the hem.

I finished the neckline with a band of lace (I didn't use bias).I turned the seam allowance and sewed it by hand to the underlining.I also sewed all the hems to the underling by hand.

Here it is. This pic gives a sneak peek at my Marcy Tilton skirt. I don't think the two go well together so a peek is all I'm showing. My skirt will be featured in my next post with this Simplicity top

This top fits in well with my What Goes With Brown theme.Here I'm wearing it with a pair of brown stretch velvet pants I made using this Sandra Betzina pattern of all things!

Stop by later to have a look at my above mentioned pieces.