Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Sporty Suit

This suit,which officially marks the end of my summer sewing, is just the style of outfit I love wearing.I know I'll get a lot of mileage out of these two pieces.

The jacket is an old favorite of mine, Burda 8905 (OOP)If you have this pattern and have never used it, I can truthfully say that it is a little gem. I've made it six times!

and the skirt is from BWOF (which I know is now Burda Style ) in the February issue of 20003, style #128.

I used the stripe of the cotton twill fabric in all directions which was great fun in the planning stage.I used a contrasting heavy duty thread for the top stitchingwhich you know I love to do!

For the facings, I used a taupe linen stripe which I think coordinates well with the tan/cream cotton twill.

I tidied up all the seams by using either a Hong Kong or a flat fell finish.

This outfit was really a joy to make .Next spring, I'll add pants as well.

More pics here!

And now on to some fall sewing and a quilt for Riley.

Happy Sewing from