Sunday, September 8, 2019

My Summer Sewing

Well ! Again it's been a while ! Somehow, blogging has stopped being one of my "Things to do on Sunday " In any case, I've had a lovely time sewing just for me this summer. I've dug in my stash and used some fabrics that have been lingering far too long. Now don't get me wrong. I've also added to the stash at an alarming rate too. I'll never live long enough to sew all that stuff up , but ,oh well,. We all do it, don't we !

I'll start with a new dress I made a couple of weeks ago. I used an OOP  Vogue Designer pattern that I made 12 years ago and still have in my closet. It's 2900  by  DKNY

Here is my original dress  made from an embroidered cotton voile.

And here is the new one made using a stretch poly sateen.


The original was lined but I didn't line this one as I wanted to get to wear it before summer's end so it had to be a quick make. Luckily, my weight has stayed pretty much the same for the last 15 years or so.The only alteration I had to add to the pattern was a rounded back adjustment.  This is s a great church dress worn with
a purchased little cover-up (no pic ) .

The next piece I want to show you is a dress I made for a special event My husband and I attended last June. I resisted making a cocktail dress that I would never wear again. Instead, I chose this pattern ,bought on ebay because I made it in 1980.

In 1980, I made it out of black wool jersey purchased at Natural Fibers  Fabric Club.  I loved that dress and although  my shape has changed a lot since then, I thought I could make the pattern work for the evolved me.

Here it is on Antoinette.

The fabric is a very drapey (maybe too drapey ) , rayon jersey. I chose it because it was available in the opposites print. The difference is not very discernible but I was happy with the result.

I remembered that in 1980, the zipper in the wool jersey had given me a lot of trouble so I decided to leave it out in this dress. It easily slips over my head in spite of the waistline seam.

I wore this one to church this morning and I think I was the only woman who hasn't already switched to fall clothes !! So sad to see summer end !

I get  compliments whenever  I wear my retro dresses especially from my hubby.
I like the longer lengths and the fuller skirts for a change.

That's it for now. I hope to be back again soon to show all the shirts I made this summer. I sort of got carried away, LOL.

have a great week everyone from