Sunday, September 20, 2009

What I've Been Doing Lately

I've been wanting to post about a few different things but have been just too busy to spend much time on the computer. This past week ,I hosted the monthly meeting of the Retired Teachers Group for my area and of course I had to clean every inch of my house.

It was a great success and the big plus is that the house is very clean now and I can sew to my hearts content for the next few days.

Toward the end of August I started sewing a few transition pieces for the early fall. I also wanted to extend the wear of this suit .

Using this New Look pattern,

I made these navy loose flowy pants which are OK and fit well.

I'm not in love with the fabric though but we all make mistakes sometimes. The fabric was a rayon/nylon (of all things) mix and I liked it before I turned it into pants but now I don't think it has enough body. But they do look well with this jacket. (I forgot to get a pic of the two together ).

Then I made this Sandra Betzina top and I love it. It actually looks exactly like the pattern cover and I didn't change a thing .
Here it is!

I've worn it a couple of times and have gotten compliments each time .
The fabric is a fairly light poly/lycra. I do feel I have to wear my Spanx with this one as it is a snug fit. (I made size C ). A thicker knit might be a better choice for the next time and I do intend to make it again.

Then I added this jean jacket which I've made several times before.

It is this Burda pattern and an absolute favorite.

The fabric is a very finewhale corduroy which was in my stash for years.I never could decide what to use it for but I really love it as this jacket.The buttons are sweet aren't they? My husband pointed out that they had hearts on them and since I'm really not that fond of hearts I turned them sideways . I think that makes all the difference don't you think? LOL.

Here are the three pieces together.

And for more pics, look here.

Have a great week everyone and here's hoping you find time to sew!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Not Just Your Ordinary Denim Jacket

My grandchildren have been here this week.It will be the last visit until Thanksgiving (which is in October here in Canada ) so we really made the most of our time together.

Last evening while Jessica and Matthew were busy on the computer, Nana was busy in the sewing room making Jessie a denim jacket.

In choosing a pattern ,I had to take into consideration that I only had about three hours for this one because they were going back home today . When I made this jacket for my daughter this summer, Jessie had tried it on and liked it.I also knew it was a quickie to make. So Vogue 8232 it was.

The embroidered denim came from my stash and was approved by said Jessie.
Here is my sweet grand-daughter in her made by Nana jacket.

I made a couple of easy changes to the pattern. I lengthened the sleeves and made them a bit narrower so they wouldn't puff out. I simply measured the yoke band to see how much I could eliminate from the width and folded it out.

I added an inch to the centre front so I could add buttons and buttonholes. Instead of gathers to the top front and back,I used pleats and sewed them down. The fabric really had too much body for gathers.

Jessica thought her jacket might be a bit short and wide. I had to explain that this is a "fashion" jacket and not just an ordinary jean jacket.I think this is a nice piece for a young girl going into Grade 7. What do you think?