Thursday, June 15, 2017

Vogue in Green

The Fashion Show for which I sewed 100 items !!! and which my Sewing Group helped me put on was a huge success. We made a whopping $1200 dollars, $1000 of it going to charity, the rest I kept for my expenses. I'll sort through my photos and show you some of the items next time.

Today, I'm showing you the muslin (but very wearable ) of V9240

You may have seen my first version here.  This green version was made to test adding a bust dart to the pattern. After I found that to work well ,I put this one aside until it was time to wear summer clothes.

The sizing description for this pattern was fitted so I cut a size larger and that worked well for me.

The fabric is ponte knit from my stash but bought at Fabricville.. I had smaller quantity of the prints and because I cut the back piece all in one instead of the way the pattern showed,

,  I had to do this at the back hem .

And it doesn't look too bad, I think. I added that little wedge for added interest ????

I had a hard time to get these pics done. I think I need a new camera. Most of them were blurred for some reason. These were the only ones that weren't.

I'm every bit as tired as I look in these photos. I battled mosquitoes half the night ! Ugh !!!!  

Come back later and I'll post some of the things I made for my fashion show. They were all easy makes but very popular  !

First though I'm off to Quebec City with my sister for a few days . Yeah !

More later from

Sunday, June 11, 2017

A New Dress at Last

Blogging has taken a backseat to my charity sewing of late. I'm very busy sewing up a storm for my Summer Fashion Show / Sale so not much sewing for me . However , I did manage to eek out a new dress  that was suppose to be for Mother's Day.

Isn't it pretty !

The fabric is a stretch cotton sateen from Fabricville and the pattern is Diane's Wrap Dress by Silhouette Patterns.

 After watching Peggy'S Webcast of April.3rd , I was inspired to make my second dress using that pattern.

Since I had already made the pattern but in a knit,I cut this dress by adding 1/4" to the seam allowances and that worked out fine I think I achieved a really good fit. Thanks Peggy !

Now for the details  The only changes I made to the pattern happened by accident. I didn't have enough fabric to cut whole sleeves but I did mange to cut them in half. That gave me the idea to join them together with zippers and voila ! Aren't they so cute ?

I tried a zipper closure instead of the ties but I didn't like the result. I didn't like the ties either so I got the idea of using these buckles from my stash and I think that added just the contrast that this print needed. What do you think ?

On the inside , I used a frig-a-ma-jig  cut from a belt or something and that worked really well as well.

Oh . I changed the collar. I cut away the faux band that is part of the pattern and made it a couple of inches longer for this look.

It's a beautiful day here in the Maritimes and we haven't had many of those this spring so outdoor shots seemed the  way to go.

 I think this is the perfect church dress. I feel very prim and proper in it. Lol.

I have another dress to show you soon as well as some of my Fashion Show creations so do stop by again ! Have a great week  . I wish you fine weather.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Little Girl Dresses

I just got back from Ottawa where My son Jeff and my daughter Tamara both live. Jeff is the father of two dear little girls. You may remember Riley because I featured her several times in posts when she was a baby ,

She stole my heart big time right from the start and although I love her little sister Poppy dearly ,Riley and I are particularly close..Riley is always devastated when I leave for home or when she leaves here to go to her home. It's heartbreaking and I'm still sad after a week of being back.

I always make my little girls dresses when I go to Ottawa . This time, I made them slopers with My Surefit Designs Children's kits . Then I used those slopers to check the fit of this McCall's pattern that I used for my first GD Jessica when she was little.

I changed that design and this is what I ended up with.

The fabric is a beautiful cotton knit from Fabricville.I  bought a piece of coordinating stripe and used a green stripe for the neck and sleeve trim.

I decided on maxi dresses and the little girls loved them. Riley said the exact same thing Jessica said about this dress ,10 years ago.. " I feel like a princess ! "

My little cuties in their Nana made dresses.

Isn't Poppy photogenic !!

Poppy didn't want anything to do with special poses !!

I've been very busy sewing for my Fashion Show which takes place this Thursday. I've made 80 pieces and will chose the best to show you afterward. I still haven't finished my Mother's Day dress ! Lol. I really want it finished by next Sunday.

Sorry to be so sporadic in my blogging but please don't give up on me . i will be back as soon as i get the Charity sewing out of my system.