Sunday, June 4, 2017

Little Girl Dresses

I just got back from Ottawa where My son Jeff and my daughter Tamara both live. Jeff is the father of two dear little girls. You may remember Riley because I featured her several times in posts when she was a baby ,

She stole my heart big time right from the start and although I love her little sister Poppy dearly ,Riley and I are particularly close..Riley is always devastated when I leave for home or when she leaves here to go to her home. It's heartbreaking and I'm still sad after a week of being back.

I always make my little girls dresses when I go to Ottawa . This time, I made them slopers with My Surefit Designs Children's kits . Then I used those slopers to check the fit of this McCall's pattern that I used for my first GD Jessica when she was little.

I changed that design and this is what I ended up with.

The fabric is a beautiful cotton knit from Fabricville.I  bought a piece of coordinating stripe and used a green stripe for the neck and sleeve trim.

I decided on maxi dresses and the little girls loved them. Riley said the exact same thing Jessica said about this dress ,10 years ago.. " I feel like a princess ! "

My little cuties in their Nana made dresses.

Isn't Poppy photogenic !!

Poppy didn't want anything to do with special poses !!

I've been very busy sewing for my Fashion Show which takes place this Thursday. I've made 80 pieces and will chose the best to show you afterward. I still haven't finished my Mother's Day dress ! Lol. I really want it finished by next Sunday.

Sorry to be so sporadic in my blogging but please don't give up on me . i will be back as soon as i get the Charity sewing out of my system.


Vicki said...

What gorgeous grand daughters and cute dressed too. They must love it when nana visits bringing new dresses with her.

Summer Flies said...

Your grand daughters are so cute. I am gobsmacked with you making 80 items. Can't wait to see some.

usman ghani said...

Hey nice Article, Railey is so cute yes i remember the first time you mentioned her in one of your post. There Dresses looks beautiful. Thanks for the ideas, although in Pakistan kids fashion is little different. Soon we will post a blog post related to kids fashion and dresses in Pakistan on our website . You would love to see that as well. Keep posting!