Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My grandchildren

These are my grandchildren who have been visitin us this week. Matthew helped to sew the PJ pants he is wearing and Jessica helped me to photograph my skirts for my blog and my Flickr site. As well she modeled some of the skirts.

Last week, we welcomed a new grand-daughter to our family. Sadie Elizabeth, born on Aug. 20th, is my husband's first natural grand-child. Her parents, David and Melissa are delighted with their baby girl.

Monday, August 25, 2008

My Grand-daughter and my Skirts

My grandchildren are here this week and I thought it would be fun to get Jessica involved in my blog so we decided to photograph my skirts. Jessie photographed most of the shots. She also chose the tops and the jewellery to match each skirt.

This is a self-drafted skirt made out of a border embroidered linen.I formed little pleats on either side of the centre front and back and sewed them down about four inches.

This bias-cut skirt was made at a Sandra Betzina Workshop in Halifax,2006.I used her Vogue #2911.I will give some pointers on sewing bias on another post.

This is my grand-daughter, Jessica.She is wearing my Simplicity#4045 View C. which is in another border embroidered linen. Doesn't she look cute in my outfit?

This skirt is long and elegant and I love it. I made it out of an almost sheer
and very light polyester. I used aTNT pattern which is out of print, New Look 6345.

This is is my favorite skirt .The pattern is Simplicity #5005, another OOP pattern . I made this one out of a heavy polyester.
Don't you just love the polka dots and the colours?

This is another skirt made from S5005,this time in a cotton batik.My grand-daughter is modeling it. Jessica has a certain flare for modeling I'm thinking!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Summer Dresses,Part 1

I love dresses,especially long flowy,summer dresses!They are so cool and comfortable to wear! I wear them even though no one else seems to anymore; to church,for shopping, when I go visiting,to barbecues!
I sometimes feel a little out of place being the only one in a dress. but I wear them anyway.So here are my "good " dresses, some of which are several years old .Now,my taste is probably not for everyone, but keep in mind that I'm French and you know that some of us can be a little eccentric.So voila! ( If you want to see more detail, visit my flickr photos site.)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hit by a Tornado

So this is what my sewing room looks like after about 20 min. of sewing!

Friday, August 8, 2008

My Sewing Room in Action

My sewing room turns into a disaster area within 20 minutes of serious sewing! No matter how little time I spend in there, it soon looks like a tornado hit it full force. Myhusband described it best one day when he looked in to see what I was doing. "It looks more like a workshop in here than a mere sewing room" I think I like the idea of a sewing workshop.It sort of validates all the time I spend in it.It gives more meaning to what I sometimes regard as a frivolous passtime. After all, I could be spending my retirement doing good works,like volunteering,etc.But no ,all I want to do is sew! Oh that reminds me of that Don Henley song,"All she Wants to do is Dance" Actually. that songs describes how I use to be in my younger years. Oh,and now I wonder if the years have made me wiser or just plain frivolous!!! Oh dear! Enough of that. Here are the pictures of my sewing wwwroom in action.