Monday, January 6, 2014

The 24 Hour Christmas Present

Today , I want to show you what took me 24 hours to make . It's this little girl's coat for Nicole my sister's 10 year old grand-daughter.

I think the reason it became so overwhelming was that since it was to be a surprise, I couldn't try it on her and I agonized over every step in fear it wouldn't fit her in spite of having taken careful measurements of Nicole, one day.. That's a lesson for me. Never again will I make anything for anybody if I can't have a fitting or two along the way.

The fabric is a very expensive wool Melton. I spent $105 for fabric, lining. etc.That was another source of anguish for me. What if it wouldn`t fit!

The only suitable pattern I could find anywhere was 
one from Burda Style, the Dec. 2009 issue.As you see below I changed the pockets from patch to welt.I love that look.

Also I made bound buttonholes because none of my machines like heavy fabrics for buttonholes.

I used a silver Kasha lining, interfaced with Fusiknit and used shank buttons. All materials were bought at Fabricville.

I was promised a pic of Nicole wearing her coat which fit her by the way but probably won`t fit next year!!!!
As the photo wasn`t forthcoming I`ll show you Riley in the nightie I made for her.I also made Poppy one but she got it dirty before the picture could be taken.

Like probably most of you, I`m glad that Christmas is over and things are back to normal.
I`ve been sewing. I finished a UFO! and a top which I`ll keep for later in the week.
I`ve been visiting your blogs. I`m sorry if I haven`t left comments. I needed a break from the computer.
My husband and I have been glued to Netflix, a gift from Tamara, instead!

Happy New Year and Happy Sewing from


Anonymous said...

Beautiful coat! I love that silver lining.

RhondaBuss said...

I will tell you that I had a lovely coat as a child that I'm sure my grandmother slaved over. It was one of my favorite pieces to wear. So all in all, it was time well spent as, if she is anything like I was at that age, she will have the tenderest of feelings for that coat her entire life.

Sharon said...

Gorgeous coat and can understand why it gave you so much angst, however I am certain Nicole will love her special coat. Love the PJ's for your grand daughters.

twotoast said...

Wow - such attention to details with the coat. One that any little girl would be proud to wear! And very cute PJ's!

Sarah Liz said...

It is certainly a high stress exercise making a garment for someone else without fittings. I am sure it will be much loved, but I can understand full well how you feel.

As usual, so beautifully made.

Sew, Jean Margaret said...

Beautiful coat and pyjamas. I hope they appreciate the time and effort you have put into making these.

Vicki said...

Beautiful coat. Glad that it fit!

Jean said...

Such a beautiful coat -- so glad it fit her! The jammies are too cute. We finally got Netflix as well -- it's all about watching "House of Cards" in our abode now!

Andrea said...

Gorgeous coat, Diana, And sweet nighties. Happy New Year!