Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Success and a Failure

Thank you all for the lovely comments you left about my last garment. I love it too.

This week, I wanted to try out two new patterns for tops. I find that in January, I usually want to try those  intriguing new patterns that I can't resist but that I know might not turn out to be right for me..

The first pattern I tried was V8952 and it was  a success . I love this one .


I made it with a polyester knit from Fabricville. I love stripes and love the contrast of two widths in one garment like I used in this one.

 Instead of making it with a cowl collar, I made a separate infinity scarf using the two different stripes. Isn't it cool?

For this garment, I made a full bust adjustment, and a narrow back adjustment using methods borrowed from Louise Cutting. Here is a link to the narrow back adjustment but I got the full bust adj. at Threads Insider . It's on the Industry Insider Techniques series Volume 4 and is called Full Bust Adjustment for Knits. For this adjustment you don't add a bust dart . It works really well for me and is easier than adding a dart.

I really like this top.My version is View B. The pattern describes this as being close fitting through the bust and it is. Then it swings out but there is still a little waist definition . It's not really a shapeless top as is the next one I'm showing tonight. I want to make the other views as well as this type of garment fits in well with my casual lifestyle.

Now for  Vogue 8962


I think this is so cute and I gave it my all....pattern alterations and muslin (thank goodness) included but it just didn't work out for me. On Antoinette, not too bad except for the ugly fabric bought especially for a muslin.

The back is OK though.

On me, no way Hosay! It's even too awful to wear around the house or to give away. There is just no shape and no indication on the pattern as to how it's suppose to fit. Enough said. I do want to try the skirt and the pants another time though.

 Next up, I'm making a cardigan using View B of M6844 with this gorgeous knit fabric bought in Montreal.

I hope you are happily creating something wonderful on your sewing machines !
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MrsSmith said...

Well M6844 won't disappoint. There's got to be like 50 versions done up! :) I love the knit top. LOVE. Especially the contrast.

Linda T said...

Oh, stripes are a favorite of mine and I don't have that many striped tops. I must get into the stash and make some up! I just love how that top looks on you. Great! As for the other top - hey sometimes those things just happen no matter how hard we try!

Beverly said...

Love the stripe top! The contrast stripes look great. And the scarf was a great idea.

Vicki said...

First top is great and the scarf is a good idea. The second - I suppose you tried it with a belt? Maybe self fabric even? Looks kinda nice but perhaps the fabric is too yucky to bother?

Sharon said...

What a lovely striped top and very inspirational infinity scarf. Your cardigan fabric looks divine.

Jean said...

I love the striped top, especially with the cowl -- very clever! I recently made a muslin of a t-shirt that I didn't like -- it is now a part of my workout wardrobe!

Patty said...

L.O.V.E. The two stripes + infinity much so that I just might steal your idea LOL :-)!!

SEWN said...

Love the first top. Everyone has wadders now and then. Sigh.

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

These are great...I know you don't like the second one and you know what's best but I like them both!

Jenny said...

The first one really is great! I like the idea of a separate cowl.

Vernelle Nelson said...

Hi, Diana - I think your tops - especially the jacket are phenomenal. You wear all of them well. Can't wait to see what comes out of your sewing room next!

Candis said...

Just perfect. The two different stripes are perfect together. The fit is perfect. The infinity scarf is over-the-top perfect. Just WoW! What an inspiration!