Sunday, February 9, 2014

McCall's 6844, is # 1

I  read on Pattern Review that McCall's 6844 was the best pattern of the year. Coincidentally, I just finished View B.Most people have been making the peplum style but I'm not sure the peplum is  for me.
Here is my version.

Isn't the fabric gorgeous ![ I bought it  in Montreal at Goodman Carlyle on Rue St. Hubert which is  a great store packed with all kinds of fabric including high end ]. It's probably a blend but it acts like a medium weight stable cotton knit.

I made a size small above the bust and a medium for the side seams and I needed the extra. The sleeves are not really roomy but that's because of the knit I used. I planned on wearing this with a lightweight RTW turtle neck but it is more comfortable with a sleeveless shell.

I used Steam-a-Seam for the hems before finishing them with a twin needle and as well to attach the band facings on the inside . I stitched in the ditch all around the band but it caused it to hike up ,so I removed the stitches and will trust that S-a-Seam will hold it for the long run.

The front band  is suppose to fold over itself and I may decide to tack it down in a few strategic places so it will stay put.

I made a boo boo doing my  FBA on this one. I forgot to consider that my knit was not very stretchy and I used Louise Cutting's  method without a bust dart and I definitely should have added the dart . Too late. My cardi has drag lines which bother me  and spoils my love of this piece.

I really like this pattern and will try it again but will add a bust dart next time.

I also have  new version of S2603 finished with a lot of changes. My other versions are here (with no style changes) and here (with changes to the collar and width of the front drape).
For this version, I removed the collar all the way to the end of the front sweep because I didn't have a lot of this fabric and I also had to remove a few inches off the downward sweep as far as the bottom.

The fabric is a soft two-sided sweater knit  left over from another project. I don't know the content but it pressed really well so it must be a blend of poly/rayon or acrylic. I had no trouble folding  the edges over twice and stitching. I didn't even use Steam-a-Seam for this one.


I'll be wearing this a lot because I just love it. I wear a lot of cardis because I'm always cold and I live in Canada. Enough said ,I think.

I hope you've all had a chance to sew to your heart's content this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

That brown fabric is to die for. It looks great on you. ~Teri

Sharon said...

Your McCall's cardi looks amazing and sorry you are not completely happy with it as I think it looks lovely on you and a lot better than any RTW cardigan. Love how you have remade S2603, very interesting, and it looks like the perfect layer to keep you warm.

Linda T said...

Such beautiful fabric on that McCalls pattern! It's very pretty on you. I don't notice the drag lines, but I know what it's like to have something like that jumping out at you like that when you wear it.

The Simplicity looks very soft and comfy. I need a couple of those soft and comfies as we are having more cold temps than normal for us and I just want to stay in cozy sweats all the time!

Vicki said...

The fabric for the McCalls jacket is lovely. Looks perfect from here. The Simplicity cardi looks cosy.

Sew, Jean Margaret said...

Just love that McCalls' cardigan. Beautiful fabric choice too. Despite your fitting woes, it still looks lovely on you.

twotoast said...

Lovely cardis -I am such a huge fan!

Sarah Liz said...

I like your McCalls cardigan jacket very much - I agree, peplums are not you. The long elegant line looks great on you :)

Towanda said...

I love both of your cardigans. 6844 is one of my favorite patterns.

Andrea said...

Both cardis are beautiful! The gray double sided one looks so soft and cozy. I love cardis too, and I live in Florida.. ;)

Dorothy DotDot said...

Both of your cardigans are lovely and look very nice on you!

pdiddly said...

I agree with some of the other comments, despite you not loving your McCall's cardi it does look great on you as do S2603.

Cennetta said...

Hi Diana. I love your cardis. Recently I made the popular M6844 with a FBA and ended up with too much of a FBA. I am going to try it again. The changes to your Simplicity cardi turned out great. I like the reduction in the drape. Cute.