Monday, January 24, 2022

Copy cat Top #2

First of all, thank you for your nice comments on my post. You welcomed me back and made me want to continue.

These days, rather than using commercial patterns, I'm much more likely to draft my own patterns either by using my Surefit Designs kits or by copying something I've bought (which is not that often ).I also often take a pattern and change it in various ways. The important thing of course is the fit.

I really love figuring out how to  draft the pattern for whatever my inspiration is.

The top of today's post is a copy of another one I found on Pinterest, this one .

The hardest thing about copying this top was finding the fabrics. The one in the pic has three prints I think and I could only find two so I used the plain off white instead.

I'm quite happy with the result although I didn't get It exactly like the picture, IMO. I really thought the pocket completed the design.. My top is a 30 "tunic with side slits at the bottom and only slightly fitted.


At first I cut the back all in the houndstooth but I didn't care for the look so I changed it to this.

The fabric is a lovely, soft wool blend sweater knit bought at Fabricville. All four colours/prints are from the same collection.  

A  close-up of the button detail.

I'm happy with this top. It's so cozy and warm. It's more of a dressy piece than the last one but it doesn't hurt to dress up a little even if it's just to stay home . My birthday is next Sunday so that's when I plan to wear it.

Stay safe everyone. We sewers are so lucky to have an " escape" in these hazardous and worrisome times aren't we!!! 

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Vicki M said...

You did well with fabrics you had. Cute top.

Carole said...

It’s so lovely to see you posting your makes again. You have been really missed. I have often referred to your posts for help with my sewing as you are such an inspiration. Thank you.

Fabric Fairy said...

I love this. It is absolutely beautiful and it looks wonderful on you. Visit me at You might find something you like.