Sunday, March 11, 2018

Another 1569 and Fun Topper.

There's a contest over at Power Sewing that ended today. You had to make one of four patterns. As it happens, I only have in my possession V1569 and since I wanted to make a second version ( my first here ) , I cut into a much loved piece of quite heavy tapestry / jacquard intended for a long coat which I also cut out. It won't get it made until next fall, though.

This is my new tunic.

For the contrast sides, I of course used the other side of the fabric. Easy peasy !

The collar is ponte de Roma

and the tabs are leather cut out from an old coat given to me by a friend who knows I look for leather to use in my projects. I used this design element instead of the tabs included in the pattern.

The buttons are from a thrift store and I think they look antique. I thought black buttons would have been too boring.

All the seams are done in Hong Kong finish for a nice ,clean finish.

I love this piece. I need to find a heavy green turtle neck sweater to bring out the green and for  that punch of colour we all love. I did happen to have a purse that matches exactly though !!

My next piece is one I've long wanted to try. It's View D of this OOP pattern.

This Pattern was a little complicated to figure out and is almost as difficult to figure out how to put on so it won't make it into my next Fashion Show /Sale.
You need to take time to arrange the collar around your neck and shoulders but it is unique and fun to wear.

My fabric is a quite thin , very drapey, mini ribbed sweater knit, probably polyester and it was just right for this design.

I cut 7" from the depth of the collar because it was ridiculously long.
I tacked the back of the collar at the back seam which made it a little easier to arrange.

The front piece was quite a bit too short and the back quite a bit too long. I shortened the back and added a piece to the front that ended up looking like a frill . Cute I think.The edges are serge finished which I think was sufficient for a piece like this.

I've worn this a couple of times and I like it a lot. i doubt I'd make a second one though !

I'm very busy these days with my Sewing Group and planning for my Spring Fashion Show. Want a peak ?

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The Sewing CPA said...

The tunic is absolutely gorgeous! You did justice to this wonderful fabric. It looks great on you and you're right - a green turtle neck sweater will go so well with it. The topper is so beautiful, too.

Vicki said...

Nice vest. I like it with all black. Makes the green pop.

Vancouver Barbara said...

That is a beautiful jacquard – both sides. Glad to see the blue topper – I have the pattern and have been wanting to make it for some time now. I agree about the short front piece.

Amanda S. said...

I like both pieces! They are interesting and unique designs and really not the sorts of things you see in stores.

Joyree said...

Hi Diana!
I always scroll as fast as I can down to the picture with you wearing the garments. Your photos are always so good, and you look so pretty in all the things you make.That blue is my FAVORITE color on me. I'd love to have some of that fabric.
Keep on sewing!
Hugs, Joy