Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Wraps, Cover Ups and Ponchos

Hi Everyone. Happy 150th birthday to Canada and 4th of July to Americans !

It's very hard to believe that 50 years have gone by since our grand celebration of Canada's 100th birthday in 1967. I was 19 years old ,in college, and working for the summer in Montreal. There was the World 's Fair called Expo 67 in Montreal and we were so proud to be Canadians. It was just before Pierre Elliot Trudeau became our Prime Minister and today , his son Justin Trudeau is our PM.
Life was good then and it is now . The only difference for me is that I was young then and am just about to be considered old now. (Sigh )  LOL.


I've never sewn so much in my life as I have for the past three months.

 I mentioned I was putting on my second Fashion Show in early June and it was a huge success. I sewed over 100 pieces and they are pretty much all gone. With the help of my Sewing Group, we raised $1200 I took out $300 for my expenses and the rest went to the Food Bank and a local school Breakfast Program.

I no sooner finished that event   when it was suggested  I make stuff to sell to raise money for our church. That was yesterday and last week , with the help of my trusty White Superlock Electronic Serger  and my wonderful Janome DC6030 sewing machine    , I created another 45 pieces.  I've become a one woman assembly line !! I know. That doesn't make sense. But I've gotten so I can make 8 or 9 pieces a day.

I have many pics of my various pieces on my Flicker site but here are a few of my favorites.

The Five Way Wrap  (look here for a tutorial )

The Floaty Topper

My brand new Twisted Wrap  ( I got this idea from Peggy Sagers' June 19th Webcast ).

Bathing Suit Cover Ups




Diana's Tops so named because I discovered this style in Vancouver and copied it On the left is the original, on the right my own copy and here , a folder of some of the ones I made for the Show. At Diana's Sewing Lessons, I have the complete directions for making this top prepared for a Worhshop I held for 8 ladies who all made their own versions.

My Diana's Top has been a big seller and I can't make enough of them.

Kacy's Wrap by Silhouette Patterns using this Let's Sew Video.

For my Fashion Show I made one special door prize. This time it was this caftan

I used an OOp pattern for this.

For each of my shows I carefully sewed a special item for a silent auction . This time it was this linen jacket using my all time favorite pattern V8065.

 Look here for detailed views and close-ups of finishes.
My jacket went for $110.

I raised anther 500 dollars on my latest venture and now I need a break  . My neck is hurting and my Sewing is going to be slow sewing for myself in the next little while. I need a new summer housecoat and a nightie. I also want to make Sandra Betzina's new jacket pattern V1549 in white linen I bought in Paris last year.

i hope to blog more regularly in the next little while so please come back to see me and enjoy the summer weather


Linda T said...

Oh Diana, what lovely pieces. You have been one busy lady...........not sure I could hold up to all that sewing. I'm sure everyone was delighted to have one of your "originals." And for such good causes. Congratulations!

garnet128 said...

You are down right incredible and you do deserve a break. So generous with your time. I am worn out just thinking about venturing into all that.

Vicki said...

Wow you are so generous! Beautiful garments. Love the simple wrap. Actually I love them all!!

Irene said...

Oh, my, what a lot of sewing! You're amazing. So glad that everything sold and you made lots of money for your causes. All your wraps look wonderful!
I see that you, too, watch the Silhouette patterns webcasts. I love that twisted wrap. I've made one in a light linen - now I just have to "integrate it" into the wardrobe.

J Alexander said...

Amazing and just beautiful items--what a generous thing to do.

Joyree said...

You ARE a one-woman factory. Your machines need a vacation as much as you do, I bet.
I'm going to check your links for some lessons. Thank you so much for the BLOG and all the posts you do. I KNOW how much work it is.
Hugs, Joy

Rosalind Clayton said...

What a fabulous selection of wraps, they are all gorgeous! Congratulations on your success, it's richly deserved. You have obviously put in an amazing amount of effort & time. Well done indeed!!!