Sunday, July 23, 2017

I Love Grey and Yellow... BUT

This week, I was anxious to get back to designing using my Surefit Designs sloper. This spring , I bought a beautiful cotton knit in grey and yellow print. Grey and yellow have long been a favorite combination for me so I thought I couldn't go wrong .

My inspiration was the dress in this photo. The designer was Caroline Herrera.

 I used the knit version of my Surefit Designs sloper and achieved the slight A-line by closing a bit of the bust dart and opening it at the hem level. I lowered the neckline 1 ", took a little off the armscye above the notches and I happily cut out my dress.

The trim came from a coordinating stripe print of the same fabric.I sewed the trim to all edges,
wrapped it around the  seam allowances and then stitched close to the inner edge.

For the center front , I used my beloved Wonder Tape and overlapped the edges at the seam line.

Everything went wonderfully well , the fit is great , and the style is a little loose and just right for hot, muggy weather. A thought went through my head when I tried it on that it might look like a nightie !!

I went upstairs to show my hubby and guess what he said !

" Oh, is that a duster ? !!!!!" 

For those of you who are younger or maybe are reading from a different country, years ago a duster was a short housecoat, at least in this area.

Well I of course didn't want anyone to think it looked like lounge wear and so I said

" Oh, it isn't that bad is it ? "

He looked skeptical and replied,

"Just as long as you don't wear to church or in public or something !"

Well, of course, then, I had to admit I agreed with him. So my grey/yellow/dress will only be worn at home on hot days . But I'm happy with the style and the fit and it gave me confidence to try more designs using my SFD system.

Thanks for stopping by. I'll have more for you next week so please come back.


Kat Z said...

Diana, this dress looks so cool and comfortable, it would be a shame not to enjoy it out and about! I think it's those bound pockets that put it in the duster category (that's what we called them too.) What if you either removed them or just removed the binding and then added a row of really nice buttons down the front? I just love grey and yellow together too.


Linda T said...

I see that it could resemble a "duster of old" BUT, while I might not wear to church, you can bet that in addition to wearing at home, it would be worn for errands to the grocery, post office, etc.

Hey we win some and not some.

Graca said...

I was at church this morning and if you were there wearing that dress, you would be considered dressed up. Life has become so casual. I like the colour combination, and it looks very comfortable. Enjoy wearing it!

Suzanne Mills said...

I have to admit, I also thought duster! But it'll make a great house dress. The funny part is that you did a fantastic job copying the Herrera dress. I guess fabric choice makes a huge difference for that style.

MaryEllen said...

If your asking for constructive ideas -it's the yellow binding down the center that would not be my favorite part. I love the fabric & the bindings on the pockets & armholes give it pizazz.

PowerToolsWithThread said...

While you hit the mark on the style, fabric choice is always key. I agree with the commenter who mentioned the binding. If you notice in the inspiration dress, the binding is almost invisible vs. a high color contrast. I bet if you made it again with gray binding and maybe added a tiny set of back darts to remove the "boxiness", it's duster moniker would be gone forever! :) It IS perfect loungewear for around the house, out to the pool, etc.
I've had hit-and-miss on my SFD patterns. Actually, I've had better luck drafting patterns from a rub-off of an existing blouse as long as it doesn't need a dart.

Rosalind Clayton said...

I think it looks comfortable & cool & definitely could be worn in public! I have seen many people in PJ type garments while shopping, & your new dress doesn't look one bit as close to theirs in bedroom style!

Lolsews said...

I agree that the pockets are what makes the dress look like a duster. Get rid of the yellow binding or remove them completely and you will have a wonderful summer dress to wear everywhere. I love the fabric.

beckster said...

Well, unlike everyone else, I don't think this looks like a housecoat or a duster. I think it looks like a sleeveless dress. I don't know why anyone would think otherwise. The fabric might not be to someone's taste, but that is true with every garment we wear. I would wear this anywhere and feel appropriately dressed.

JustGail said...

I like the idea, the fabric & bias, but something about it does remind me of the house dresses of old. Not that they are bad, but it's not the look you were after either. In looking at the inspiration photo, I think there are a few things that keep it from being house dress-ish. Those are one pocket, piping on the hem, the hem height, the skirt seems a bit slimmer cut. Maybe if you tweaked your dress with 1-2 of those things?

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

I love the silhouette of the dress and think you should try it in a different fabric combination. You will probably be happier with it. Maybe not a win but you did learn something.

Joyree said...

I wonder if you removed the pockets if it would look less like a housecoat. Love the SFD fit though!
Hugs, Joy

Linda Evans said...

The original has narrower shoulders which gives it a more sporty look, almost expecting to see a racerback on the back view