Sunday, April 23, 2017

Kacy's Wrap by Silhouette Patterns

First, today, I want to answer a question asked by Suzanne and  Dharma   about how I took away bulk from the front of last week's cardi. The pattern was Simplicity 2603. If you look here Ladies, it will take you to a picture on my Flicker Photo site. Read the comment below it and it will show you what I did. I hope it's clear, but if it isn't , please let me know.

I don't know if you know about Peggy Sagers' new video series called Let's Sew. She puts them out every Thursday night , They are free and so inspiring. I can't say enough about Peggy's generosity for making her webcasts every other Monday night and now these videos, ( 30 so far ), available free to the public. I know they've helped her grow her Silhouette Patterns business, but still, she gives out a lot of free information. I don't always agree with the way she dismisses other people's methods but I do appreciate her creativity in these videos/webcasts.

Her  Lets Sew video # 26 was about this pattern. #112

I don't own that pattern because I've stopped shopping online in the states because of the state of our Canadian dollar . It's just too expensive!  but I tried to interpret the style by using a Silhouette Pattern that I do own ...the Sweater Set  #195 and here is what I came up with.

My biggest challenge was that I didn't know how far to extend the front. I guesstimated and here is what I ended up with. I added 20" to center front but it's a little too much although I love how it turned out. I just can't do the other looks that Peggy talks about in her video.

You hang the lower part around your neck to form the shawl around your shoulders and this is what the back looks like.

Here is another way of wearing the top  which is quite lovely . The front extension looks like a scarf in this look.As you see in this pic. I made 3/4 sleeves for my version.

The fabric has to be drapey and preferably a knit. Mine is a fairly lightweight poly/lycra that fits the bill very nicely. Don't you love the colours in this print ?

Don't I look like a butterfly ?

This is the scarf look version.

I couldn't resist showing this one and BTW, it would be better if your fabric wasn't white on the wrong side like mine because if you move too much the wrong side shows.

This was a lot of fun to make and I'm working on a summer version now..I've had many comlpiments on this one and I hope I've inspired you to check out Peggy's videos and to try one of these.

I hope you had time to sew this weekend. Please stop by again to see what I come up with.

A sewing friend,


Linda T said...

Diana, Peggy also does a Let's Sew episode on the Monday nights that she doesn't do a webcast in case you didn't know (which I'm sure you do). :) Lovely interpretation of the pattern by the way!

sewingkm said...

Great interpretation, Diana!

Dharma said...

Thank you Diana for posting the Flickr photo for pattern alteration!! I appreciate that you took time to answer my question. Have a wonderful week.

KS_Sews said...

This is such a fun cardigan. I'll have to catch that webcast. Thanks for pointing it out!!

Coco said...

You look like a super pretty butterfly! how clever, nice work with your interpretation of the pattern. And a great fabric choice, nice and vibrant with color.

Suzanne Mills said...

That picture perfectly illustrated! Thank you, I'm going to run and alter my pattern right now!

Jane M said...

I so agree about Peggy's generosity and willingness to share the snoop shopping ideas she sees. Your cardigan turned out beautifully and looks like a much sleeker, flattening version of the one on the pattern cover. I'm a little behind on watching Peggy's latest programs so thanks for the reminder.

Rosalind Clayton said...

As always you are creative & not afraid to try new things. Looks really great! I found out about Peggy Sagers through your blog 4 years ago & have learned a huge amount about fitting & how to correct changes in a pattern, so thank you for spreading the news!

Joyree said...

Hi Diana!
I never have understood that top from the pics on the pattern envelope. It is wonderful to see the great pics of that long piece added to the front of your top. I "get it" now, I think.
I agree about Peggy. She is genuine and extremely generous with her talents. I don't agree with some things either, especially the "scooping" which I do all the time, and it DOES work.
I sit with my mouth open watching how she cuts her patterns out! She just throws the closest object on top, and starts whacking.
I never miss one of her videos.