Sunday, January 29, 2017

Look What I Found !

I'm still making wraps/ponchos for my sale this Thursday but I do have something to show you today.

In the fall , I made this navy cotton knit  cardi/jacket , wore it once and then completely forgot about it until recently.

                                                 ( Oh dear. It so didn't photograph well ! )

The pattern I used is an OOP Simplicity which I've long wanted to try.

The fabric is a cotton double knit I happily found in a bin at Fabricville.

I lengthened it a bit I think andI omitted the back pleat because of a shortage of fabric and that changed the silhouette I was aiming for, but it's Ok.

I changed the style of the inseam pockets to my very favorite one layer pockets  learned from Sandra Betzina.

The raglan sleeves sort of demanded shoulder pads so I added them and that's Ok because I happen to like shoulder pads.

I finished the seams with a Hong Kong finish mostly because my serger broke and I had to but I love the look of this treatment . Please look here if you're not familiar with Hong Kong finish.

I left out the two bottom buttons because I bought the wrong number but I'm thinking I'll add them. Oh. But that would mean making another buttonhole . Hmmm. Probably won't happen. Lol.

This is great little topper for my scuba knit dress which I wore today to church.

or to wear with trousers or jeans.

                            See my cute boots !

I'm so glad to have rediscovered this piece in the coat closet ! It'll get lots of wear this spring for sure!

Next time I'll show you the cape and the poncho I made for door prizes at my sale this week . I love them both and kind of hate to give them up.

Until later


Faye Lewis said...

Very nice jacket!

Kate said...

I love your jacket and all the 'changes' you made. Thank you for introducing me to the Hong Kong finish - I look forward to trying it.

Linda T said...

Glad to see you feeling better! The jacket looks so good with both pants and skirts/dresses. Looks like a real winner!

Anne Scanapcio said...

You look very nice in your jacket. I chuckled because I, too, have this pattern and want to try it. It's nice to see how it looks. I love your pockets, so I think I will do that too. Thank you

Vicki said...

How could you forget something so nice!? But what fun finding it again.

Sharon said...

So glad you found this gem of a coat it goes with so much.