Saturday, September 24, 2016

Sunburst Dart Top and Animal Print Skirt

Happy Fall Everyone! I do SO love fall, except for the new (for me) fall allergies. So not fun!

I finally got photos taken of the next part of the mini wardrobe I showed last time!

For the fourth piece I made with the light taupe rayon knit, I used my SFD bodice sloper. I moved the bust dart to the neckline and opened seven darts in a sunburst effect that I first read about in the Oct/Nov. 2006 issue of Vogue Patterns magazine,Here is the article

and here is my pattern piece. I guess I wouldn't need to have sliced my neckline in all those places. One opening would do the same thing. You measure the width of your bust dart and make your darts equal to that width. My dart is 3" so I made three darts (on each side ) 3/4' darts and one in the middle that was shared by both sides

I drew my outfit idea before  I started to cut out and sew . I find this really helpful when I'm designing my own pieces and drafting my own patterns .My idea was inspired by this Claire Underwood dress from Season 4 of House of Cards.

First the whole outfit

Here is the top which turned out really well and I love it.

Here I styled it with a self made necklace that I love.

The skirt was made using my SFD skirt sloper, I changed it to A line . For the skirt front I cut  two side panels and a center panel . I then cut the side panels to form a rather low set pocket  with a pocket band ..

And here is the skirt.

I sewed buttons on the pocket bands to highlight  the pockets. I sewed an exposed zipper to the back which I love.

The skirt fabric is stretch cotton poplin.

My husband snapped the photos just before I left for a retired teachers' meeting. .

I forgot to get one with the long cardi over it!

Well, I have two more outfits to show you where I experimented  moving the  bust dart . I'm quite over that  now and am anxious to sew something more important. like maybe finishing a moto jacket I started two years ago.

Until next time,


Eileensews said...

Love the outfit. The top looks great. Now I want to give it a try.

Linda T said...

Did a great job on the top. I love it too! The whole outfit is a real winner!!

Barb said...

What a lovely outfit! And you look super-pleased. Thank you for sharing again.

LynneSews said...

This top is gorgeous - I'm always looking for new ways to make knit tops interesting, and you have inspired me! Lovely outfit! LynneSews

Irene said...

Wonderful outfit! It does pay to take some time to add those interesting details - nothing boring about these two pieces.

aguzman918 said...

Just perfect - thank you so much for sharing. Your work is always extraordinary.

Glenda Sparling said...

What a perfect job of moving the main dart and creating multiple radiating darts. You look as pleased as punch and sew you should be. Love the cute little skirt too with all your special detailing.

Sarah Liz said...

A lovely little top - looks like fun to play with darts. I have to admit to just loving the skirt though - and the zip at the back. Looks wonderful.

Fern DeGois said...

You have done it again.
Just lovely and inspirational.

Regina C Gee said...

So very cute! I would love to give the top a sewing try!

Joyree said...

SUPER COOL! I am going to do one too. Thank you for sharing.
Hugs, Joy

Arish Sir said...

Un conjunto precioso. BESICOS.

Sharon said...

Love this outfit and the dart manipulation is very inspiring, have noted for one of my next tops. The skirt is lovely and the pocket detail is another great idea.