Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Sewing in Outfits, (continued)

Sometimes, it makes sense to make two, three or even four piece outfits, as I did a couple of weeks ago. One reason is fabrics that coordinate but also when you know it will be hard to find anything to match exactly a certain colour such as this royal blue scuba knit  of the slim ankle pants and the  matching ponte coordinating prints of the tops and skirt..

The pattern I used for the  top is V8497, View B but lengthened by a few inches.

The pants are are slimmed down version of Silhouette Three Piece Yoga Pant ( #3000 ). I turned up the hem to form a cuff to make these just a little different.

I had a lot of fun creating as I sewed with the matching prints for this one.


The trim is actually a stripe  wrapped around the edges at the front and back and  the neck and sleeve cuff. I trimmed close to the edges and I love the results. Just a little bit of the white shows.

(The colour is really off in this pic!!!)

These two pieces are really fun together and I've loved wearing them a few of times this summer.

Ahh...these lazy days of late summer are so precious! I love everything about them.

The other pieces will have to wait for another time. I hope you've had a lovely summer, as I did .
Now on to fall sewing.

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twotoast said...

Very fresh! I love sewing in 'outfits' too - especially when you can use the same serger thread. Sewing two or three items together is so much quicker than sewing them individually. How do you find the scuba knit is to wear? I have seen it in the local fabric store and it looks really thick and as though it would be rather hot/sticky. It is always possible that the fabric that my store calls 'scuba knit' is actual fabric for making scuba suits!

Barb said...

I agree with @twotoast's comment - fresh as a daisy sprang to my mind. My Mother always says wearing an outfit with stripes makes her feel 'jaunty'. I hope you feel jaunty also. xx

Coco said...

so cute - summer fresh. I love to sew 'same' colors in succession.

Regina C Gee said...

Very nice Diana. You look very fashionable and the colors really "pop"!

Anonymous said...

To be honest, when I first saw the top on the mannequin, I was like, "Um...I don't know if I'd of mixed that print and stripe." But wow! Where did you get the brilliant idea to create a "solid" for the trim and then put with the cuffed pant, the entire effect is too, too cute! Very nicely done lady!

Margene Yeaton said...

Like this outfit very much. Starting to work with some Silhouette patterns so it was good to see the pants again. Love what you've created!

Mary said...

What a gorgeous, nautical look!

Sharon said...

Very summery and love the combination of fabrics.