Sunday, April 3, 2016

My Easter Outfit and Surefit Designs

I hope everyone had a great Easter, I know I did.  And yesterday I spent the whole afternoon with Ann of  Ann's Fashion Studio now called Ann Made . We have become very good friends and enjoyed lunch and fabric shopping together. Spending time with sewing friends is always so special, I think.

I didn't get my Easter outfit finished on time but it didn't matter because Winter had made its appearance again last week but I have it ready now to show you.

 It consists of three pieces. The first two are a funnel neck top  made entirely from my SFD sloper and by following Glenda's instructions on a funnel neckline in the Dress Kit book on page . I admit I didn't lower my neckline enough and it fits rather tightly but is still wearable.


The skirt is yet another Rachel Cowlan  ( V1247 ). Look here to see the changes I make to the pattern.. the fabric is a textured polyester knit from  Fabricville but not available online.

The jacket is made with a quilted look textured knit also from Fabricville. This jacket was a real challenge because the fabric is spongy which resulted in bulky seams and it easily snags  but I love the result.

I designed it by first using Sally Silhouette from Surefit Designs which is a great tool and is free. I use it a lot when planning my seasonal pieces and when I get overwhelmed by all the fabric I have and continue to buy ! Lol.

I used my SFD sloper, Burda 6988 and Silhouette Patterns 1825  to draft my pattern. I used the shoulder  armscye , back and sleeve  of my  SFD sloper, the French dart and side  from 6988 and the neckline, collar  and front opening of the Silhouette Pattern,

Do you like my buttons? I couldn't find large navy buttons so I covered two mismatched ones I had on hand. First I padded them and then I used a rayon knit from my stash that matched the navy of the jacket perfectly. I didn't add  a shank to the buttons but merely sewed them to the jacket . I wanted them to lie flat. The real closures are snaps.

I lined the jacket with poly charmeuse.

I had lots of fun coming up with this outfit and designing the jacket using Surefit Designs as my starting point and I can't wait to do more.

Ooh ! The princess lines aren't attractive in the photo and I think it looks better in real life.

The spot you see on the jacket is the snap which I didn't get in the right place so I left it unsnapped.
I never get the snaps right! Never!

My outfit isn't perfect but I like it and will wear it to church first chance I get. I'm making a navy rayon knit top to go with the skirt and I'll wear the jacket with white pants later in the spring. As for the funnel neck top, it will probably only get worn as this outfit.


Barb said...

Its a lovely outfit Diana. I had to get more tracing paper before I could do anymore SFD work.

Linda T said...

Very pretty outfit. It reminds me of Jackie Kennedy style. Glad you are enjoying your Surefit Designs package. Thankgoodness (for me) that I haven't been tempted to buy it, but I read about folk who do enjoy it so much.

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

I love this! And your use of the Surefit System is very interesting. Being able to make any look you want without resorting to a pattern must be a freeing thing! I look forward to the new things you design and sew.

Faye Lewis said...

Love the fit and the jacket is so gorgeous!

Susan Uvanni said...

You are my inspiration! Love to get your e-mails. You are so talented.

Margene Yeaton said...

Another great looking outfit, Diana. What a fun workout designing. I suspect you've moved the rogue snap by now. Can't wait to see what you do next. Happy April!

busymom said...

That is a gorgeous outfit. It looks fantastic!

Sew, Jean Margaret said...

Lovely outfit and so awesome that you can make your own designs. The possibilities are endless.

Donna DeCourcy said...

It looks great, Diana! Nice to see that you are enjoying and experimenting with the Sure Fit Designs. I sewed on snaps last night and hate doing them. I always end up sewing at least one upside down or in the wrong place or side. Off to the Linton Tweed Mill next week. I'll visit you and show you my new purchase when I get back!

Sharon said...

Your Easter Outfit looks perfect, the fit and love how you have used pieces to create your jacket.

Vicki said...

Lovely pieces. I like the jacket particularly.

Joyree said...

The fit is PERFECT! Great job doing all that planning.
I wonder if the jacket wouldn't look better without the lower button on it. It doesn't seem to "button" anything, although I realize there are snaps underneath.
I would probably choke in that funnel neck, but I really like it.
Wish I could spend a day sewing and shopping and talking with you. You make beautiful clothes!
Hugs, Joy