Sunday, March 24, 2013

Transition Pieces, Sort Of

I had the two pieces I'm showing today cut out and didn't want them to turn into UFO's so, in spite of being anxious to to start spring sewing, I plodded on and made one more classic top and one more Yoga pant , but with a difference.

For the top , I used my already discussed M6533.

My fabric is beautiful ,I think. It is a very fine, soft and pricey sweater knit with various width stripes which posed the problem of how to match them and still use a quite deep bust dart.

 I took my time with the cutting out and so managed fairly well to match my stripes. The only place I found it impossible  was the back sleeve/upper back area. Otherwise, I'm very happy with my result.

I added a cowl collar  which isn't part of the pattern so I used this method to create it.

I think the pink and white help make this piece appropriate for spring !?.

I love new black denim jeans with emphasis on the word "new". I found a great cotton/spandex black stretch denim at Fabricville and since I absolutely love the Silhouette Yoga pant, I decided to make them with a difference. I added  back pockets and some top stitching.

 To make them more spring  friendly, I decided to use white top stitching thread on these.  I like to design my own pattern for the pockets of the  jeans I make. (look here to see what I do). I really love this one. I'm sure it's been seen before but to me it's new.

For the design, I used this decorative stitch  with top stitching (Gutterman) thread. It's called "saddle" stittch on my Janome and "sculpture" stitch on my Kenmore. For the rest of the top stitching, I used a stitch length of 4.

After finishing the pockets ,I decided they are a bit too far apart, but I wasn't about to move them,so a note for next time.

I solved some fitting issues with this pant which I will put on my other blog. It took me a whole day to get them to fit as well as they do and I'm very pleased with the fit.

I decided to change the waistband on these. the pattern piece is a long rectangle which you fold over lengthwise,sew to the pant and then requires you to insert a 2" wide elastic. I'm not in love with that method so I omitted the elastic and used side seams and a center  back seam which I shaped and it  made all the difference. As long as your fabric is stretchy enough, this should work. I want to draft a contoured waistband for next time.
As winter returned to us this week, on the  east coast of Canada , my new outfit didn't seem out of season when I wore it to a meeting I attended.

I'm now working on a UFO before I start my spring stuff.

I hope you found time to sew this week. More later from


marysews said...

The jeans are fitting you well, and I love the sweater colors!

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

I love that fabric ;) and I am making a bolero style sweater with that same fabric now :) and you found good denim at Fabricville....when did you buy it. I have been looking now for months. I go in specifically to look for denim and can never find any good stuff....I must go back and look.
Your outfit looks awesome.

Vicki said...

Very nice outfit. The colours of the top are very pretty.

Ronnie said...

Diana - Great outfit
I have been following your use of the yoga pants pattern and they look so comfortable that I think that I will add this pattern to my stash.

Diana said...

Thanks Ronnie. I made up patterns from the Yoga Pant master for seven ladies in my sewing group and I can't tell you how happy everyone is with them. A great pattern!

Barb said...

Hello Diana,

I've been 'following' your blog for a little bit now, and I wanted to say how wonderfully professional all your creations are. Cowl necklines really suit you too.

Best wishes from Australia
Barb Mac

Vernelle Nelson said...

Absolutely love the detail on the jeans pockets. They go great with that sweater. Looking forward to your spring and summer wardrobe.

Patty CaSandra said...

Oh wow I luv it. I wish i could make a pocket design like that. That is a real challenge for me especially getting it placed just right on the butt. Yours is perfect.