Sunday, March 10, 2013

I still haven't finished my V1264     jacket although I'm almost there. I had the flu for the second time in two months!

So,I thought I'd show you what's new in my Sewing Room.

For Christmas, my husband bought me this! I'd been wanting one for so long and am so happy to finally have it.

So my cutting area went from this (only pic I could find) to what you see above.

In February, I had a milestone birthday and my darling Bob thought I should have a really good back-up machine. He saw this Janome machine that was the Showstopper of the day on our Canadian Shopping Channel and asked me if I'd like to have it!!! I said "YES!!!"

My other main machine is a Kenmore Elite Embroidery machine and I've often thought I shouldn't use it so much just for ordinary sewing so as  to preserve the embroidery component and this Janome will take its place as my main garment sewing machine.

My very favourite feature is this one.

I can't tell you how much I love this thread cutting feature!

Another new addition to my sewing room is this tablet. I find it so handy when I want to follow instructions from Sandra Betzina or Louise Cutting, for example. Unfortunately, I can't access Peggy Sagers' Webcasts on it.

This thread holder is the perfect stand for my tablet!

The next item goes farther back but is an invaluable sewing aid. It adjusts in several places and helps keep fatigue of  the back or arms at bay. I think everyone ,if at all possible, should have an adjustable sewing chair.

I'm so very lucky and I know it! I really have everything I could possibly want in my favorite room in the house!!

Now I thought I'd share a few of  organizational tips.

I keep this shallow basket on or near my cutting table to hold everything concerning the project I'm   currently working on. It makes clean up easier and I have all at my fingertips.

When I cut out more than one project at a time,I put everything pertaining to each project in separate plastic bags like this. I have many of these given to me by the drapery ladies at Fabricville.

(Unfortunately , all too often, these accumulate as UFO's)

I roll my knit fabrics to store them on my shelves. They keep neater and are easily visible when I'm looking for a particular piece.

Here is what I do with the rest of my stash. Chiffons and organzas are folded into baskets but most other things are folded and kept on the shelves that I''m lucky enough to have in my sewing room.

Well, I think I'll go sew a little before I settle down in front of the computer for my Sunday night visit to your blogs.

Hope you found time to sew this week.

Next week, I'll show you my jacket!


bluenines said...

Congrats on you new cutting table and a new sewing machine , I have 3 janome machines and love them all,sounds like you have a great hubby,thanks for sharing you sewing room with us, and I hope you are feeling better soon

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Your new cutting table is kewl! But let's not give short shrift to your new Janome sewing machine. I love Janomes and I know you will love your's too. The DH is a keeper! :)

marysews said...

I like your sewing room. It seems you have all the tools you need there!

Judith said...

Thanks for the peek inside your brilliant sewing room! Lucky you to have a new cutting table and sewing machine to play with...J

Linda T said...

What wonderful, useful gifts! I love my two Janome machines (and one serger) I hope yours serves you well! Thanks for the tips!

pdiddly said...

love your new cutting table (I want one toooooooo) your sewing room looks so organised. I have friend coming on Friday to help with the wedding sewing but I have to take time out to clear it up a little first it looks like a bomb has hit it.

Enjoy your new sewing machine too.

Sheila said...

Congrats on your new table and awesome sewing machine.

Jean said...

I hope you are feeling better! You have a great sewing space -- so organized! Congrats on the beautiful new machine!

Jhordan Kee said...

You got a nice office, a good workplace and almost the thing you needed are in it.

Vicki said...

Hope your feeling better now and have got back into that fabulous room!