Saturday, September 15, 2012

Taking Stock of Spring/Summer Sewing

Do you sometimes take a long hard look at what you sew and take stock of what you wear and don't wear?

I've been doing just that and I've divided the things I made since May 1st until the end of August in three categories.

Categorie #1  My  Special Successes  ( I love these and I wear these as often as possible)

All by Silhouette Patterns
 First two by Silhouette Patterns , the other McCalls 6559
Jacket by Burda Style,  Silhouette Patterns Yoga Pant
Self drafted poncho

Categorie #2 .  Successes ( I like these and wear them but less often).

Simplicity 2240,          V8710 by Marci Tilton and S 1883
Vogue 7608  by S. Betzina   with McCalls5392
Categorie #3...I haven't worn these at all. (Well, you can't win 'em all .)
Simplicity 1916  too close fitting),  SP Goiorgio's top (fabric has no body) ,New Look 6648 (too slouchy)
I haven't given up on these. I think I can save the SH and the New Look tops but not till next summer
These other garments made late in the summer haven't been worn much yet but I do like them both 
Self drafted poncho and S2240
Wow! I sewed a lot this spring/summer! I have a couple other things not blogged yet but they'll keep
until next week.
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Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

You did have a productive spring and summer. Hopefully the garments you don't like will grow on you.

Lori said...

Great summer sewing and nice job on the evaluation.

Unknown said...

Too bad you find the purple top too close fitting; it's very pretty. Your work looks beautiful. I noticed that 6 of the 9 garments in the #1 category are Silhouette Patterns. Peggy does a good job with her designs. They are lovely.

Evelyne said...

I've not been as productive - must fix that. Like the way you've categorised your sewing. I find it hard to know what suits until after I've made it. Nature of sewing - you learn as you sew.

Unknown said...

They're all lovely pieces. I love the shiny jacket the best.

Gail said...

Well I'd say your success rate is pretty high. I love that Burda jacket too.

Irene said...

Such a good idea to look back and evaluate at season's end. You had a wonderfully productive summer!

Sharon said...

I really like the idea of looking back at what we wear and it is interesting to see your evaluation on a very wearable wardrobe.