Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Coat Lining

I mentioned in my last post that this pattern Simplicity 2674 did not call for a lining. Imagine ,a coat without a lining. I just don't get it!

Well, I had all kinds of problems with that. Since I had sewn up the pleats in the front and back, I closed the back pleat on the pattern piece and just cut another back out of the satin lining adding a three inch center pleat..

The front was a different matter.I decided to fold the center front piece under and that left me with a princess side front. I cut the lining out of this piece knowing it wouldn't be exact.

I cut the sleeve lining out the sleeve pattern pieces. I sewed the lining together and fitted it over the coat shell on my dress form (Antoinette). I then pinned the facings to the collar , coat front and lining front. I also pinned the side seams of the coat and the lining together.I ended up with this.

Then,using a marking gadget, I outlined the facings onto the lining . I removed the facings, added a seam allowance,cut the excess off the lining ( I forgot to take more pics) and sewed it to the coat.

This process worked quite well. It's hard to tell if there's enough ease in the lining and I'm a bit worried about that.

Here's where I'm at now.

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Vicki said...

Ooh, I like the red lining! Hope it works out ok. It looks like it should be fine.