Monday, March 15, 2010

Farewell to Fabricville -Part 2

I was overwhelmed yesterday by the work and the sewing my very busy co-workers and friends at Fabricville went through for the three retirees (including me.)So here are the pics.

This one is the whole picture of my "loot"

To break it down a bit this is a lap size quilt made by Sandra who also made the cup wrap and gave me a Tim's card. ( I love my Tim Horton's coffee).Sandra is one of the kindest women I know and I'm deeply touched by all the work that went into this quilt.

The next pic shows an apron made by Jana who also made these chenille pot holders. I'm very intrigued by these and will have to find out how to do this and post it on my other blog.Jana is the manager of Fabricville and was very easy to work for and with.

Here you see three wall hangings. The larger one which will be perfect for my dining room was made by Debbie, a sewing buddy and very good friend; the one on the right by Brenda the assistant manager who showed me many kindnesses through the seven years i was there,and a very dear friend, and the tulip one by Linda who is new to Fabricville and who also made the green quilted bag you'll see in the next pic.( I'll be taking this to Paris with me in September).Linda is a superb quilter.

In addition to the quilted bag made by Linda, the Christmas wreath wall hanging which I've been coveting, was made by my dear friend also named Brenda another sewing buddy who is a talented quilter.She also hosted our party, (Thank you Brenda)
The beautiful pottery bowl was given by sweet Katie, who is a sewist extraordinaire.( The bowl is to hold my Wednesday night popcorn which I always have on my Big Sewing Day for supper along with a big glass of wine).The small black handbag was made by Deborah,another extraordinary seamstress and also new to Fabricville.

In addition to sewn gifts,I was also given by Lorena this wonderful marking pencil and refills and I can't wait to try it out as well as a gift certificate to ,of all places Fabriville.Lorena, I hope you can join us on our sewing get togethers sometime.Rebecca our cashier and a student gave me a small sewing kit which will also travel to Paris with me.

Debbie also gave me this project planner book which I'll put to good use and Janice a very nice lady whom I don't see very often, gave me a copy of the May issue of Threads together with a Tim's card.( My addiction to Tim's coffee was greatly abetted last night).And Janice ,I was up till 1:30 looking through my Threads mag!!

I hope I didn't leave anyone out. It was a fabulous evening of stories,good food, and friendship.

Au revoir,Fabricville!


Aminat said...

Those are great gifts you got. All your coworkers must be so wonderful to work with and happy retirement to you

gwensews said...

You're obviously very well-loved. What great gifts!

The Sewing Loft said...

How very nice, such wonderful gifts! Enjoy your retirement!

Digs said...

Best wishes for a smooth transition to post-retirement living & sewing! (aside: Fabricville, as in eastern Canada?)

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Oh Diana these are such beautiful and thoughtful gifts. I know most of these names :) and it is nice to see the lovely things they have made.
It sounds like it was such a fun time, and that there will be more to come.

The chenille potholders are s really great idea, I love the chenille technique, check my vest out.