Thursday, June 21, 2012

More Useful Pieces for my Wardrobe

The weather has turned warmer and sunnier this week in the Maritime Provinces. For me, that meant a whole lot of weeding  but I still sewed quite a bit of course.

I wasn't as keen to finish my rainproof jacket as I was when I started it thanks to the beautiful weather but I did finish quite a bit of it.I'll show you the finished garment next week for sure. I'm not intending to let this become a UFO!

I have another pair of cropped pants to show you which I made a couple of weeks ago. Here they are with a few details.

I morphed two patterns together to make these jeans.I used Vogue 7608 ( which were fitted by Sandra Betzina when I attended her workshop in Halifax in 2006)and McCall's 5392 an OOP pattern.

 I simply laid the McCall's skinny jeans over the Betzina pattern and used above the crotch ofV7608 and tapered the legs from the thigh down using  M5392 and cut them at about ankle length . These turned out just the way I had imagined them and I really like them a lot.

Here I'm wearing my new capris with another Today"s Fit piece, V1109    , blogged here. I love the way they fit.

I also made a top this week which I've been admiring for a long time but wasn't sure how flattering it would be
The pattern is New Look 6648 View A.

The fabric is a somewhat sheer, stretchy and crinkled polyester from my stash . I love the batik-like mix of colours in this fabric.

This piece was super easy and quick to make. The band is ruched at the sides and must fit snugly for the right effect.

I think it looks Ok on me but is not my best look.This will probably be a once and only for this pattern. I have it out of my system now.

Here are the two pieces together.


Next, I want to finish my jacket and then make a couple of purple pieces to go with a beautiful amethyst bracelet my husband gave me for our anniversary. Please look in on me again soon.


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Filling in the Gaps in my Wardrobe

It's been a while but I have been sewing!

I decided June would be the month that I would make items I really need.

I always get excited when I discover I really need something....Capris, short sleeved tops and a rain jacket are all on my list.

So far, I've made three pairs of capris, two tops and I'm having a great time making a casual jacket using an old issue of Burda World of Fashion. But that will be another post.

First capris.#1

                    Fabric:Stretch Cotton Sateen

                     Size: 8. (Silhouette sizes   represent finished
                       garment measurements.)

                      Changes to pattern: 1. Added 2" to top of pant
                       because I don't like low rise pants.
                       2. Added cute pockets on side of capris.

Comments: I love this pattern! It fits like a dream and is so easy to make. I made a muslin in a ponte knit. For those I used size 6 and they were perfect.For the stretch cotton, I really needed the bigger size.The waistband is wrapped around 2" elastic.

Next item was this top:


Fabric: Polyester Lycra

Size 2. (Again, sizes not those of the Big Four ).

Changes: Nothing to do with fit. I scooped the neck lower with my French Curve and made the sleeves longer than the short version of the pattern.

    Comments: The fit on this top is amazing. I used the D cup piece for the side front and  
       this muslin turned into a wearable one.The back is really cute,I think.

This is what the two pieces look like on me.

And with that, I`m going to call it quits because my laptop is behaving really badly.

I do hope you all had time to sew this weekend. Have a great week and let`s all hope for sunny and warm weather for this week.