Monday, September 25, 2017

Vogue 1552, Sandra Betzina's New Dress Pattern

Vogue 1552 really caught my eye as soon as I saw it and nothing could talk me out of it. The problem is that no one wears clothes like this in my world . And not only did I make it up once, but I made two all in one day !!

Here is my mock up version .
It sure doesn't have very much dress form appeal !

\i'm not quite sure what the fabric content is but it feels and looks like a lightweight burnt out cotton knit.

Having examined the pattern pieces, I knew that the bottom of the dress would be too narrow for my liking.

For my first version , I simply added a bit of seam allowance at the bottom of the back and sewed a slit opening.

Here it is on me. A little better I think than the dress form. I'm at a workshop I'm giving on my own version of Vogue 8605.

For my second version, or View A, I added about 2" to the bottom side seams like this.

The fabric is a poly / lycra. The sleeves and collar, rayon /lycra.

Here it is on the dress form

I think the collar should be deeper and I wish I had used my own method for a cowl collar instead .

And on my sister Pauline, who is more petite than me so it looks a bit large on her.

and weeeeee!!!!

We started to play with the dress and discovered we could wear it this way

And this way

When I showed my hubby this one he said,
"Well, what's wrong with that ? "
His code words for " I don't like it " Lol.

But, I think it's kind of fun and if the curve started lower and closer to the waistline, it would look a lot better. I doubt I'll make it again though !

Has anyone else made this dress and what do you think of it ?