Sunday, February 27, 2011

A New Coat....Butterick 5295

This is longest I have ever worked on any one item! A whole month! But you know, I enjoyed the process immensely.

I made View A of Butterick 5295 with a few changes.

I'll show you the finished coat first and then if you're interested in the changes I made ,you might read on.

The fabric is a soft wool/poly blend that looks like mohair. It is fairly light weight . Here are the interfaced pieces.

I also added an interlinig to the upper back for extra warmth.

I used real leather for the buttonholes and the pocket flaps.

For the lining, I used a lovely plaid silky fabric .

Now for the changes.

I had the chance to try this coat on at Fabricville because it was made up as a display by one of the women who works there. I asked if I could try it on and when I did,I loved everything about it except it gaped at the center front bottom. And I know how to fix that problem.I learned it by watching Sandra Betzina on Sew Perfect and I never forgot it. Look see how to do this. Here is a photo of the pattern piece altered.I added 3" of ease.

The next change was to the pockets. I don't care for patch pockets on a coat so I used the welt pocket from B6900 an OOP pattern than I made up a few years ago. I like that this pocket opens from the top of the flap and the lips of the welts were not required.

I ended up taking away from the flare of the coat because I decided it was not flattering because it seemed to flare up starting at the high hip point. So I tapered the side seams from that point and took off 2" by the bottom. It changed the style of the coat quite a bit. This problem may have been a result of the 3" of walking ease which might have been excessive. But all the same, I'm very happy with the results of my coat and the fit is quite good I think.

More pics here.

So I guess I'm back. I'm feeling like my old self again so I'll be posting again soon.
Happy Sewing from

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Just Checking In

Well, I am working on my coat but only in small steps and I don't even have the energy to begin writing about it.

I've been visiting my favorite blogs and although I don't leave many comments, i am enjoying seeing what you are up to.

My son sent me this picture of Riley this week and the cuteness of it made my week so I thought I'd share.

Look at those eyes!!!She looks just like her daddy did at 14 months.

Have a great week!

Oh and I just learned how to do this ( sign my name I mean)

Well...I haven't quite figured it out yet.