Friday, June 26, 2009

Feeling Better About My Stash

I just had to respond to the comments about my last post.

Thank you Gail ,Kim, Linda ,Vicki ,Carolyn ,Betsy ,Adrianna ,Gwen ,Chris ,Julia, Karinna,Ivalyn,The Sewing Loft and Knitmachinequeen. You've made me feel less greedy and more normal.

It's so very true what Linda T said about fabric being our entertainment. And Linda, about needing counselling, my DH thinks I should start a fabricsaholic group.Mmmm!Think that might work?

Now my fabrics are pretty well all very economical because as some of you already know, I work at Fabricville and get very good buys on everything I take home.By the way, as I was cleaning up the other day it occurred to me that I could find only two pieces that I had before I started working there five years ago. Now that tells you doesn't it that I used to be more controlled in buying fabric.

Most of you don't think that having a large stash is a problem. I think the problem with me is that not only do I have too much fabric,but I have too many shoes ,too many watches, too many handbags,too much jewellery,too many coats,etc.

Having said that, I see myself more clearly now. Not only is sewing my hobby and my passion,but so is fashion! Oh my! Not only am I a Sew Passionista! I'm also a Fashion Passionista.But then, that would make me a Fashionista wouldn't it? Surely I'm to old for that and I should know better.LOL

I'm sure there will be many more posts on this topic on many other blogs but I at least do feel better.There's this gorgeous yellow cotton jacquard that I've been trying to resist at Fabricville and I work tomorrow....!

Happy Sewing !

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Stash! Oh My!

I spent all of yesterday cleaning my sewing room and reorganizing my stash. I brought out the summer fabrics and put in the winter stuff. ( By out I mean on the shelves in the room and by in I mean on the shelves in the closet of the sewing room)

The above pictures show only part of my extensive stash. the rest is in various under-the-bed containers and on shelving in other parts of the house.

Now I know there are frequent discussions about stash in the sewing blog world. Some sewers feel that one can never have too big a stash while others don't condone the stash that is, well, shall I say uncontrolled.

Mine is absolutely out of control to the point of nausea. I mean I sometimes can't sleep wondering and worrying over what I'll ever do with all that fabric. And what if I die suddenly? Will my stash find a good home?

Now you probably think that I've made a resolution to not buy any more fabric, right?
Wrong! But I have a new rule. It's this: I can't buy a fabric unless I know exactly what it will become and when it will become!

So there. The problem is solved as far as limiting the growth of my stash.Now what to do about decreasing the stash as it stands now?

That brings me to another problem. Too many clothes! Sewing from my stash shouldn't be too hard but I'm running out of hangers!Now I hear some of you thinking

"Why don't you give away some of your clothes to Goodwill?"

I've already done that many times and already have the next bag half full. I still can't wear all the clothes that are left in my closets.

And someone else is saying

"Sew for your family"

I do sew for my daughter but I don't always get feedback and I often wonder if I'm just wasting my time or does she really wear the things I make for her.My grand-daughter is 12 and she suggested that I could make her pretty tops and capris so you can bet they are in the works.

But, let's face it. I could go on and on and who am I trying to kid. I'll always be happiest sewing for myself because my creations are my babies and I love almost all of them. No one appreciates them as well as me.

Ok.I feel better now. I think I'll go start on Jessie's top which I'm making with the leftovers from my DD's last dress.

Is there anyone else out there who is feeling overwhelmed or greedy or maybe a little nauseous over too much something? I'd love to hear from you if there is.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Whole Lot of Sewing

I haven't been blogging but I have been sewing up a storm.

I've been putting a lot of thought into what pieces I really wear out of all the things I make.The answer is SPORTSWEAR. I love making and wearing casual suits.As well,I love dresses and in the summertime I wear sundresses a lot when it's hot.Last year I made three new sundresses so this year I want to make a couple of skirts which I also wear quite often at this time of year.

I had a whole lot of this navy and white pin-cord cotton and I decided to make a Sportswear Mini Swap.

I used these patterns and made three pieces.

The Vogue Designer pattern ,I admit,was a stretch for me as far as the style.I also knew that it probably wasn't right for my 5'4.5" chesty shape ,but I just loved it and had to make it.

The New Look pant pattern is a TNT and the same one I used for these. the New Look skirt is OOP and I thought perfect for varying the lay of the stripes.

I started with the pants and they were a joy to make. When I tried to top-stitch , the result looked like a series of crooked skipped stitches I guess because the stripes are so mini.Not to be deterred, I decided to use a zigzag stitch. After a bit of experimenting, I ended up feeding two threads into a 90/14 universal needle and a 2.5 wide and 2.5 long stitch.I really like the result.

I trimmed both the pockets and the hem with navy grosgrain ribbon. I wasn't sure about the hem but when I asked for my DH's opinion ,he said he liked it at the hem so I did but am not sure I like it.

The shirt I'm wearing with my cropped pants in this photo is a linen version of a Sandra Betzina shirt which she fitted for me at her workshop

Next up was the Vogue jacket.

I cut out a size 12 and added an inch to each side but didn't need it. I did my usual FBA and followed the instructions and had no problems. Again I used a zigzag top-stitch but I limited it to just a few places.The sleeve cuffs are really weird in this pattern but I resisted the urge to change them to a more ordinary look. I may change them yet. I'll wear it a few times before I decide.

I love big buttons and this jacket was a perfect chance to use them. These buttons are an inch and a quarter and I just couldn't bring myself to make the buttonholes. Instead I used snaps and just sewed the buttons to the right side of the jacket.

Since I want to wear this as much as possible into the summer months, I decided to line the jacket with cotton voile so it would be cooler. It isn't an ideal lining for a jacket as it's not slippery, but it's too late to turn back now.

I've made this skirt before in the longer length in a red striped stretch denim. I can't show it because my daughter has it in Ottawa.Anyway, I pictured an A-line skirt for this fabric and I also think I'll wear it more than I would a straight or pencil skirt in the casual life that I live.I lined it with a rayon lining mainly because I didn't have any voile left.

I'm showing my less-than-perfect invisible zipper here ( Carolyn if your reading this you are not alone). I've been using invisible zippers for a few years and I have this thing that if it's not completely invisible after two tries, I just leave it alone.

Here I am looking rather bedraggled (I just got my hair cut today and it's kind of flat)in my new sportswear.

If you want to see more, look here.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Gratitude of Attitude Award

Thank you to Ann of Ann's Fashion Studio
for sending me this award.

I have an attitude of gratitude because I have a very happy marriage and my husband and I are both healthy; my children and grandchildren are all healthy; as a retired teacher ,I have a great pension and the time to do whatever I like when I like;I have really good friends and my cup is full to the brim.In short I'm perfectly satisfied with my life!

I'm just leaving to go pick up my grandchildren for the weekend (another thing I'm grateful for) so I don't have time to pay this forward but I will as soon as I can.

Have a great weekend all and I hope you have time to sew!