Friday, June 26, 2009

Feeling Better About My Stash

I just had to respond to the comments about my last post.

Thank you Gail ,Kim, Linda ,Vicki ,Carolyn ,Betsy ,Adrianna ,Gwen ,Chris ,Julia, Karinna,Ivalyn,The Sewing Loft and Knitmachinequeen. You've made me feel less greedy and more normal.

It's so very true what Linda T said about fabric being our entertainment. And Linda, about needing counselling, my DH thinks I should start a fabricsaholic group.Mmmm!Think that might work?

Now my fabrics are pretty well all very economical because as some of you already know, I work at Fabricville and get very good buys on everything I take home.By the way, as I was cleaning up the other day it occurred to me that I could find only two pieces that I had before I started working there five years ago. Now that tells you doesn't it that I used to be more controlled in buying fabric.

Most of you don't think that having a large stash is a problem. I think the problem with me is that not only do I have too much fabric,but I have too many shoes ,too many watches, too many handbags,too much jewellery,too many coats,etc.

Having said that, I see myself more clearly now. Not only is sewing my hobby and my passion,but so is fashion! Oh my! Not only am I a Sew Passionista! I'm also a Fashion Passionista.But then, that would make me a Fashionista wouldn't it? Surely I'm to old for that and I should know better.LOL

I'm sure there will be many more posts on this topic on many other blogs but I at least do feel better.There's this gorgeous yellow cotton jacquard that I've been trying to resist at Fabricville and I work tomorrow....!

Happy Sewing !


Linda T said...

I give you my permission to bring that yellow fabric home (in case you need someone's permission).

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Diana, I could also have written your previous post :) You however sew "allot" so you are allowed to buy all this fabric :)
I hardly produce anything. So I decided no more buying fabric until I sew "something". I feel better. Hopefully it will be a different story when our move is all done and I'm settled in my new home :)))))
My sewing time will be back :)

Vicki said...

You are so not too old to be a fashionista!
And you know fabric has other uses too! I am moving house and all my fabric is coming in very handy to wrap all those!
Yesterday when cleaning out the attic I found even more fabric too.