Monday, August 8, 2016

Little Dresses fror Four Little Girls

Thank you all so much for your comments and suggestions about my retirement dress and shoes. I'll talk a little about how that event in my next post.

We have four little grand-daughters besides Jessica who is 19. They range in age from 4 to 8. Two are my husband son's David's s and two are my youngest son Jeff's. Jeff lives in Ottawa and David lives close by. Every summer when Jeff comes home, the four little girls get together and they are always so excited to see each other.

This year I decided I wanted to get pictures taken of the girls in matching (sort of ) dresses and I had so much fun creating these. I went so far as to buy the Surefit Designs children's master pattern kit to take away some of the challenge of fitting all four girls and it sure helped .

Here are the dresses. They are all made with lovely coordinating stretch cotton from Fabricville.

This is Sadie's who is almost 8. ( I can't believe it!!!)

This one is Sadie's little sister Addie who is 4  1/2.

Riley who is 6 1/2 got this one .

And  four year old Poppy's dress.

And here are the girls wearing their dresses.



                                                     You'll probably recognize Riley

                                                                            and  Sadie

It was a bit of a challenge to get a good pic of all four girls together but this one was pretty cute I thought.

I love my little girls and they were very cooperative during our photo shoot.
All four had a sleep over together for the first time and they were all very good.
Here they're watching a movie.

Next time I'll talk about my reunion but I hear two little girls calling for Nana so more later from


zahava said...

Four adorable dresses on four adorable girls! Very Special!

sewingkm said...

These little girls are so beautiful and the dresses so cute!

Eileensews said...

Adorable grandchildren and very cute dresses!

Linda T said...

So, so cute! the girls and the dresses

Gail said...

You are so lucky to have four gorgeous little ones to make clothes for. All the dresses are lovely and enjoy it as Sadie will move into the jeans and t-shirt phase in the blink of an eye!

Beverly said...

Dresses and girls are all adorable!

Vicki said...

Too cute!

Mary said...

Lovely dresses for such sweet girls!

Claire S. said...

What a beautiful group of little girls ! Lucky Nana :-)

Lin said...

4 lovely girls and dresses

Donna DeCourcy said...

So cute! Diana, how lucky all your granddaughters are to have you sew for them. Hope you are having a wonderful summer, and feeling very well! Love your new floors, by the way!

Sharon said...

Oh the girls looks so cute in your dresses.