Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tamara's Tote Bag

A few years ago ,I made Tamara a boucle coat and then decided to use the leftover fabric for a tote bag which I trimmed with a basket weave black vinyl. DD was thrilled with this accessory to her coat and said that she had people stop her on the street to ask where she had gotten her coat and bag.

Naturally,when I agreed to make her a new coat, she asked if I could make her a matching bag. Well,after about 10 hours of work,here it is.

It measures about 18' wide (including the sides) and 16" high.
I had just small scraps of the fabric left but did happen to have a meter of red vinyl so I decided to put the two together and after a lot of thought,sketching ,and planning,it finally came together.I may have gotten carried away with the number of pockets on this one!

I covered the boucle fabric with fusible vinyl to make it stronger and and used it on all the trim on the outside of the purse.
The side pocket on the above picture is for an umbrella. The front one is pleated at the sides to make it more accessible and has a magnetic closure.

This little pocket will work well for loonies and toonies (the Canadian $1.00 and $2.00 coins) or for keys.

I added a zipper closure ( I sewed the separating zipper to two strips of vinyl fused boucle,then sewed the strips to the facings of the purse.)

The straps are made of black faux leather from my stash.

The lining is a polyester silky that I was lucky enough to find on the bargain tables at Fabricville.I stabilized it with a heavy drapery interfacing.On one side are a cellphone pocket and another pocket which were both pleated on the sides to make them roomier.On the other side I sewed in a zippered pocket .

Here are the coat and bag together.I have to admit, I was sad to part with this bag but I know Tamara will really appreciate it.

So let me know what you think and if you're interested, I've posted Part 2 of my tips on making a coat (this time the inside) look professional on Diana's Sewing Lessons.

For more pics ,look here.

Happy Sewing and have a restful weekend everybody!


Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Diana, What a fantastic idea. It looks like such a polished outfit. The purse looks perfect, not too matchy matchy. You did an awesome job!

Lori said...

Great idea for the purse, looks incredible with the coat.

Vicki said...

Wow, it looks so professional! Lucky daughter.

Digs said...

Amazing! What a knockout of a combo, you're the It Mom for sure. Wonderful job.

RuthieK said...

Oh wow! That's really great. It has worked out well having the trims matching rather than the whole bag the same as the coat.

velosewer said...

Wow. That's such a great bag and it's all because of your attention to detail. Inspiring.

Jenny said...

Oh my, that's incredible. I don't think I've ever made a purse I'm happy with, but I'd sure love to have that one! :-)

gwensews said...

Terrific tote bag! That bag would be pricey in RTW. Your daughter is getting an incredible gift. Love your teaching blog. You already know that.

Shannon said...

Oh my goodness - that coat/bag combo could not be any cuter!

Linda G said...

Love the outfit Diana. I am all inspired to get to some of my bag projects. (just weakend and bought some fabric that I have been eyeing for a while, at the store yesterday) Glad to stay in touch.

Melanie said...

OK I am so inspired now! This coat and bag are to die for. It makes me think I could actually go ahead and cut into some vinyl I picked up a while back. Thanks for sharing.