Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Best Christmas Gift or a Tied Fleece Blanket

Yesterday, I worked at Fabricville and it was one of those "oh my gosh, fleece is half price " days. Needless to say ,it was very busy. Just about everyone in our area,for quite a few years now, have been making these wonderful, cozy and much loved blankets.

Here, I'll let you have a look at the end result and then, if you're interested, you can follow my step-by-step instructions on how to make one or two, or 55 (that's how many I've made so far).I've never given one to anyone who didn't absolutely love it!


Step 1....You'll need two pieces of coordinating fleece , a pair of sharp scissors, and a few straight pins.

For a baby, I use one meter of each; for a child ,1.5 meters ,for an average height person, 2 meters ,and for a tall person 2.25 meters.

Step 2... You can fringe this blanket either on all four sides or on only three sides ,which is the way I prefer.

...For the four side fringe,lay the two pieces of fleece wrong sides together on a large surface. Some people will use the floor, but since I'm 60 years old ,I prefer to use my Queen size bed.Be sure that both pieces are selvage to selvage.

..... For a three sided fringe, you'll need to lay your fleece with the right sides together.Pin the two layers together at the top . Go to the sewing machine and zigzag starting 4"from thebeginning and ending 4" before the end.Turn to the right side and lay on your cutting surface.

Now you'll want to trim your fleece so that the top and bottom layers are the same size.

Step 3...At each corner, cut off a 4 inch square.Your fleece will now look like this: (for the 3-side fringe only cut two squares on the two bottom corners which is what I'm showing you here) :

Step 4...Cut a fringe that is a scant 1"wide by 4" long. (remember the 4"square you cut out at the corners ) all around the blanket like this:

You'll have an easier time to tie if your fringe is not too wide.

Step 5... Place pins at intervals on each side :

Step 6... Fold carefully so as not to disturb the fringe too much:

Step 6...Pour a cup of tea (or coffee ).Turn on the TV or the music. Sit in your favorite chair, relax, and start tying.Be sure to tie in knots so your blanket doesn't come apart. . Try to tie the bottom to the top fringe so the bottom shows. Remember to check occasionally to be sure you are tying the top and bottom fringe in the correct order.

It takes me about an hour and a half from beginning to finish of this project. It will take longer for the novice ,but with practice ,you too can make this wonderful gift in very little time . Here are two others that my husband and I each use all the time:

Have fun and enjoy your "blanky".


Tamara said...

Hmm....I wonder if your daughter could possibly do this? It seems simple enough...perhaps you can go with me to pick out fleece while you are here visiting.... :o)

Diana said...

A very good idea daughter dear.People really do love these.And you know there is nothing I like better than going to a fabric store.

Diane said...

Great tutorial. I laughed when I saw that fabric. I made a baby blanket for a neighbor last year with a cotton out of the EXACT fabric. (wish it was in fleece now - with your cute idea)

Ann Made Studio said...

Diana, This is a great gift idea. I know lots of people who would love one of these.
"55"....WOW...does that make you the "Queen" of Tied Fleece Blankies? :)

Susan said...

That is a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

Faye Lewis said...

That is such a beautiful blanket.