Sunday, September 7, 2008

About V1060, S.Betzina's Coat

I thought I should write some comments about what I discovered about this pattern during the construction of my coat.

First of all,when I attended Sandra's workshop on fitting, in Aug. 2006, we got to try on the prototypes of her jean jacket 7610 and her Channel jacket
v8043. Sandra decided the right size for each of us. She told me to make size B for the jean jacket but Iwould need the size C for the Channel but with my narrow and sloping shoulder adjustments,which she had determined I need to make for all patterns.

I have since made the jean jacket in the size B and it really fits well as you can see in the photo below. (I hope it's below.). I haven't made the Channel but have the perfect piece of boucle which I bought from Julie at Timmel Fabrics. ( I miss you Julie.)

Now I come to my new coat V1060.Instead of making a muslin, I decided to take all of the above under consideration.The sizing for size C is bust 36, waist 30.5 and hips 38.5. Since my measurements are 36.5, 29.5, and 37, I thought I'd be fine .I didn't even follow my #1 rule of one extra inch of fitting insurance at the side seam!*?.Don't most patterns have built-in ease?

To come to the point, this coat is small. I should have seen it by looking at especially the front pattern piece. I ended up having to take out four of the six back darts.It's wearable, it would be better if I should lose 5 lbs, but that's not going to happen.

Other than that, it went together very easily and well. Would I make it again? For sure! I'm already eyeing an embroidered boiled wool in purple at Fabricville for the next one.

Another comment about 1060 is that because it has dolman sleeves, and I have narrow sloped shoulders, I had to add light shoulder pads .I thought I'd show how I made my own out of self fabric and fleece. But that's for another time.
Happy Sewing!


Tamara said...

Hmm, if the coat doesn't fit you, maybe it will fit me, since I am not chesty. :o)

Your Daughter!

Sew Passionista said...

Oh that's an idea! I've been busily sewing for you all week dear daughter!
Your Mother

Carrotsandsmarties said...

I am really liking this blog - hope you continue writing it! I do have a question about an earlier posting - the cream coloured summer dress you have a picture posted a couple of entries ago (with blue and pink patches of colour) and a shawl collar - do you know what pattern that is - what a lovely dress.
PS - daughters are such fun to sew for, even if it is originally unintended~)

Sew Passionista said...

Hi Carol, Thanks for your nice comment! I love blogging. I started it as a new thing to learn and I've become absolutely devoted to it. About that dress , you may not have noticed that at the right hand side of the top of my blog, I've included my Flickr photo site .Just click on that and you'll find more views of my things. But in any case , the pattern is Butterick4127. It may be out of print but maybe not. I tend to use patterns even if they are older.thanks again.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Hi Diana, your jacket does look good on you and the fit seems right on. I have both those patterns, but have only made the 8043 and love the fit of that one!I do have some nice corduroy to make the 7610 :)

paco peralta said...

Diana .- greetings from Barcelona. I have known her blog through Ann (Ann's Fashion Studio). I congratulate you for your work, this coat is magnificent and a perfect seam. I love this pattern Vogue and I intend to do that too. You have to excuse my English, I need to use the online translator to communicate with you. I hope everything is well understood. Best wishes, Paco