Thursday, September 18, 2008

Attention Jeff !! or How to Hem Jeans

My son called me last night and suggested I post a tutorial on how to hem jeans, so this is for your benefit Jeff.

How to Hem Jeans

1. You should use a #16 or denim needle on your sewing machine.There is a sort of gold thread available especially for altering jeans.It may or may not match the thread on your jeans but it will be somewhat close.

You can also use regular polyester thread that matches your jeans .If you decide to use the gold "jeans " thread, do not use it in the bobbin. Your sewing machine wouldn't like that. Just use your poly thread for the bobbin.

2. Decide the lenght you want your jeans to be by measuring the inseam of a pair that is the right lenght.

For these "skinny" jeans, I want my inseam to be 32"

Before you cut anything off the new pair, plan on leaving about 1.25" for your new hem.

4. Add this 1.25" to your desired inseam. In my case, I'll need 33.25".

5. With a tape or ruler ,measure the excess amount ( for me just a little over 1")from the bottom of your jeans.Mark with either chalk or pins.

6. Either draw a line joining the pins and cut along this line or "eye it" as you cut.

7.Fold up the bottom of the leg about .5" and pin.

****Now, you are ready to sew. But before you start, look at the next photo, I'm showing you the direction in which you should insert the thread. Your bobbin thread should come out in a clockwise direction.

Now turn on your sewing machine and......

(A). Sew a line of stitching close to the edge of the .5" seam allowance.

(B). Turn the hem another .75" (6/8") and pin.

(C).If you are using regular polyester thread, sew another seam close to the edge on the wrong side of the jeans. But if you are using the gold "jeans" thread, turn the pant leg to the right side .
Sew the seam along the 5/8" seam guide in this case.

***NOTE:On the throat plate of your machine ,there are usually lines indicating 1/8",3/8," &5/8". Notice that I marked the 5/8 "point with masking tape. This is a good way to be sure to sew a straight seam.

Never start to sew at the side seam or the inseam . Your machine really won't like that.

Repeat with your other leg.

And voila! You did it!


Ann Made Studio said...

What a great way of passing on valuable information. This will be a great tutorial for your son :) Well done.

Anonymous said...

Awww Diana, this is awesome! You're tutorial is very clear and will be really easy to follow for beginners.

jeff said...

Mom this is a fantastic site and a very cool way for you to help me with my sewing. Maybe someday we can post "How to sew a puppet" together! Great work mom, I love you!

Diana said...

Jeff, Finally .I've been waiting for you to comment. A puppet lesson would be great fun. You could be a guest expert on my blog! Love you too.

Diana Bun said...

Hi, Just want to thank you for the tutorial. ^^ it's very helpful and easy to follow. The only thing that I would comment is was when you said to leave a 1.25" extra fabric from the new inseam line. I think you did a typo on that? because when you add your inseam measurement (32") to 1.25" it equal to 33.25", not 33.5".
Yeah just letting you know!

Diana Bun said...
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Diana said...

Diana, This is belated but thank you for the correction. I'll change it. I guess I'd better proof read more carefully from now on.