Sunday, March 26, 2017

An End of Winter Outfit

                                         "Oh where, oh where has my blogging mojo gone ?
                                           Oh where, oh where can it be ? ?? "

I just had to get that out of my system ! Ang Oh My ! i just realized I published a post without meaning to that had no pictures !!! I removed it and will add the photos and repost it later in the week.

There's nothing wrong with my sewing mojo, BTW ! I have so manny things to show you but I'll start with one outfit today and show you more later.
I've got several things made that I just haven't gotten photographed yet but I was wearing today's outfit yesterday and my hubby thought I looke so nice that I decided to get those pics taken.

This is the kind of outfit that I enjoy wearing as a hostess , which I was yesterday.
Here is the shirt on Antoinette.

Don't you love that print ? it's actually a soft blue and grey mix although that's hard to tell here.And look I found perfectly matching buttons.

I love the collar.

And on me.

Now for the details.For the shirt,I used View B of Butterick 5786 but with long sleeves. Otherwise I didn't change a thing except for my usual alterations for fit.I love  both ways of this pattern and have made it a few times before.


Wow ! Is this shirt ever long . ! I can't imagine how long the other view is !
The fabric is a semi-sheer polys that is so pretty that you have to forgive it for being polyester.
It's floaty and feels so nice on.

The pants are Silhouette patterns 3100 which is the best pattern ever but I've talked about many times before. this time I used my palzzo version and decreased the flare. I love wearing these. the fabric is a really beautiful scuba knit that feels wonderful against the skin..

                                  I should have worn heels. those pants are too long for flats !!

My pics are a little washed out, darn ! This outfit looks much nicer in person . In the photos, it looks too long doesn't it ? But I love this one . I'm trying to be discerning in adding things that I need to my closet and this shirt is unlike anything elase I already have..

I have to leave for church now so more later from


Faye Lewis said...

Very sweet, I love the details.

MaryEllen said...

This is a very stylish top. I would have never given this pattern I second look, but I will now. It seems to have just the right amount of fabric flowyness in the front . !

Coco said...

Love this! and you look so smart and trendy. Poly - you are brave!

Carolyn F. said...

That is really cute. I wouldn't have thought of using such a light weight fabric but I like the way it appears to float. I got that pattern after one of your posts last summer and made one in a cotton fabric. I love mine as well and have had many compliments. Mine has stripes and I couldn't believe how well they matched up with this pattern on the bias.

Enid said...

Lovely, as always, Diana!
I love the fabric, but agree with Coco, brave your are....

Arish Sir said...

Te ha quedado muy bonita y con mucho estilo. BESICOS.

Vicki said...

I think it looks perfect. Very flowy and feminine.

Nan said...

This is so very pretty. I wrote the pattern number right down. I get such pleasure coming here and seeing your lovely creations. You always give me a lift. Thank you so much for sharing.

Jane M said...

Please don't apologize for not blogging. It does take time and diligence to write, take pics (discard many pics!) and post. I am catching up on several months of just reading posts!!! I love how this flows and now that I have given in to the skinny pants and leggings trend I would find this pattern so practical. Thanks once more for the inspiration.

Sharon said...

It might be poly but is has turned out to be the perfect fabric for this blouse as it has a beautiful drape to it.