Sunday, June 19, 2016

My Love Affair with Burda 6988 and Fabricville

I wanted to say thank you for the great feedback on my Sandra Betzina coat. I appreciate each and every comment you leave me. Some asked for a tutorial on the pockets so if you're interested , go here to Diana's Sewing Lessons.

I think we all have patterns that are Tried and True  (TNT) that we use to death. Such is the case for me with Burda 6988.

I've always loved a boat neck and this pattern has the perfect one.
Another thing that made me fall in love with it is that I didn't have to make a Full Bust Adjustment (FBA). When I muslined it I cut size 10 above the bust and size 14 from the  underarm down and sewed the size 14 French dart. I  made  Narrow Shoulder,  Sway Back  and  Rounded Upper Back adjustments and I got a perfect fit.

Here is a composite of things I've made with my favorite pattern.


I'm far from finished because I've made it three more times in the past month.

The black one is so versatile and can be casual or dressy. I love it with white jeans!

Who doesn't love/need a navy boat neck top? The skirt is 10 years old and Sandra Betzina sewed the side seams on it to demonstrate  how to make a bias garment at her workshop I attended.

 The green is the perfect match for last summer's culottes.


This one is part of a set. The shrug was made using McCall's 6559, another favorite pattern of mine.

The fabric I used for each of these tops is the beautiful Milano collection of rayon jersey from Fabricville. This is the most luscious and luxurious  rayon I`ve ever found. It has a silky hand and has a great weight, heavy enough for the  culottes shown here, and is completely opaque. So Canadian Ladies, if you have access to Fabricville or Fabricland, you've got to get some of this one. The regular price is $19.99 but at the moment is 50% off that price and it's worth every penny.

I have quite a few more things to show you including a dress, a jumpsuit and an outfit but it will depend on getting the photos taken . Hopefully by next weekend ,that will have taken place.

It's a beautiful day here in New Brunswick, Canada and I'm going to sit on my deck and read. I hope your weather is pleasant too.


Sarah Liz said...

I have to admit to being a fan of Burda patterns myself. The shoulders are closer to size than McCalls/Butterick/Vogue, and I think the hips are slimmer as well. All in all, I have good results with Burda. As it seems do you! All your renditions are beautiful, and co-ordinate nicely - not by chance, I should imagine.

Vicki said...

When on a good thing, stick to it :) All the garments look wonderful.

Coco said...

You really have worked this pattern - such pretty garments, and great fabrics. And I like that shrug! I just did a muslin of it and think it will be worn a bunch.

Margene Yeaton said...

You are inspiring, Diana. Everything looks great on you: color, style and fit. Guess I'm headed for a Burda pattern soon.

Sew, Jean Margaret said...

This pattern works beautifully for you and you have created some fabulous garments.

Sharon said...

All your tops are beautiful and that fabric sounds heavenly. It is a very good pattern and you certainly get a lot of use from it. Wondering if it ever was in the magazine, if it was it is usually noted on the back of the envelope.

Joyree said...

I'm FOR SURE getting that pattern! Boatnecks are my fav too!

Irene said...

What a wonderful array of t-shirts! Love that boat neck.

Jenny said...

So pretty! I love your classic wardrobe!

Sew Lady Sew! said...

I was there when Sandra sewed those sideseams! You make such beautiful clothes.