Sunday, October 25, 2015

Paris Wardrobe

I wrote this post a while back and wanted to get pics taken but that hasn't happened so I'm just going to post it as is.! I have to admit, my blogging mojo has deserted me and I can't seem to find it but here goes.

About my Paris wardrobe.
My daughter and I both decided to travel light and I'm here to tell you that never again!  Next time I want my stuff with me !

 I was so busy sewing for my DGD and my DG that I didn't take much time for anything too complicated for Paris.  However I did make a beautiful robe/nightie set that I absolutely love.

The fabric is a beautiful  lingerie weight poly/lycra. I added lace appliques to both the nightie and robe with Liquid Stitch

Sorry , no pics of me wearing this but I love it! I used an old OOP pattern for the robe and M6559 for the gown.

I also made a black linen jacket .

This jacket wasn't a real success due to fitting issues. I used Silhouette pattern 1825    ,which I've used before and thought I had worked out all the glitches, but no.. The collar and pockets were my own design.but there's just something really wrong with the sleeves and armscye of this one. But I did get a pic in  our Paris apartment. I was ready to go out to dinner.

Yes . I know . This dress is navy blue but .....

The only other pieces I made were two pairs of scuba knit palazzo pants, one in black, the other in 
winter white 

 and a pair of black slim legged pants.
No great wardrobe pics at all so none to show you.
Oh , and a Pamela Roland skirt which I love!

My Paris trip seems a distant memory now and I have done a little sewing since, again mostly  for Tamara. I'll show you another time.

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Aisha J. - SewCouture said...

Very nice, Diana. I especially like the nightie and robe...they're a lovely pairing!

Vicki said...

Shame about the jacket - it looks lovely. And the nightie set looks stylish while also comfy.

Mary said...

The jacket is so pretty-I hope you can sort out the armscye issue. Love the gown and robe and wow, applique all over? Lovely!

Sarah Liz said...

I hope you enjoyed yourself in Paris - DH and I went there recently on a holiday.

Pity about the jacket - I've noticed some jackets have very poor armscye/shoulder shapes. Which spoils the whole line of a jacket. Hope you feel back up to blogging soon - I have to admit my blogging mojo is also down at the moment. Too many other things on my plate.

Sew, Jean Margaret said...

Some lovely garments here Diana. I particularly love the nightie and matching robe.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Beautiful garments!! As always :)

Jane M said...

I love your jacket, perfect travel jacket for feeling chic. ANd your robe and nightie set is beautiful to look at and Ibet so comfy to wear. Welcome home from what I hope was a lovely trip.

Frenie Agbayani said...

Very cute dress and excellent job on these patterns for sewing!