Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Few Spring Things

I've had a few things,all navy, made for a while now but getting pictures taken has become a chore to me ! Finally, here they are :

A top.

I used V8793 minus the collar. The print is a textured double knit  and the sleeves are scuba knit, both from Fabricville. Adding pockets  made it a bit more interesting IMO.

A scuba knit pencil skirt made using my UFO skirt pattern Mc5590 (OOP). The navy scuba knit pant was from last summer.

A cream/navy cardi  ( based on View B of M6844 ) The fabric is  a cotton knit from my stash.

The front drape was achieved by angling out the front from just below the bust ,then joining it to the side of the front piece in a curved line ,using my French curve.

And finally a raw silk jacket. This is a rough silk that looks very rustic ( it actually reminds me of hop sack) and was a lot of fun to sew up but is hardly a luxe piece I used V8605 for a starting point but my jacket is far from the original style of this pattern.

For this piece,I was influenced by the many collarless and minimalist coats I've seen at various sites such as and Nordstrom.

Style  details include Hong Kong finishing on the seams (I should have lined it ) and linen facings.

Welt pockets which have a circular pocket " bag of sorts " and can only be seen slightly but I love them.

A jewel neckline

Snap closures

Roll back cuffs sleeves for a casual feel..The fabric was really too thick for a wide hem to fold back and I may decide to take out the Hong Kong finish at the hem.

I so love this one! I know I say that a lot where jackets are concerned, but I do .Look how nice it looks with white skinny jeans!

...and a pencil skirt

....and my wide legged linen pants

...and a dress

and many more items in my closet but you don't need any more pics, I'm sure.

I'm now working on beige and white pieces but I need to hem four layers of chiffon/charmeuse,etc on Jessica's prom dress and I'm dreading it with all my heart. Please wish me luck! No ,I didn't make the dress.

I do hope you 've had time to sew all kinds of fun things to wear in the warmer weather to come.


Linda T said...

Always have loved navy/white combo. You have made some lovely pieces. I so much need to get things photographed (on me) lately,but that mojo left a while back. I keep thinking it will return.............

Faye Lewis said...

You ALWAYS make such cute things Diana. These are gorgeous wardrobe pieces.

Vicki said...

You've been busy! Navy and white is always fresh. Great jacket!

Enid said...

Diana, You look "fetching" in all of the navy combos! I love the looks you have assembled! Super wardrobe additions!

Anonymous said...

I really liked all of your pieces and the color palette! Very flattering too!

Sew, Jean Margaret said...

You have made some lovely new garments. All very stylish.

Ann (SewBabyNews) said...

Such beautiful pieces, Diana! I love navy too, and am particularly smitten with your raw silk jacket. Great job!

Frenie Agbayani said...

Wow! Thanks for taking the time to break clothing patterns down. Your description of learning to sew cracked me up.

Sharon said...

Very stylish garments, all classic with a twist

Gail said...

I really like your silk jacket. Timely post as I've been thinking about what to make for a business trip to Europe during their summer. I like the idea of simple top with welt pockets.

Cherie said...

Love your Navy pieces - Navy is the new black! Wonderful details on all!