Sunday, March 8, 2015

Mixing Fabrics, Patterns, and Colours

I've decided I'm not going to show you every little thing I make anymore because some of the things I make are necessarily very ordinary but having said that , I do want to show you a couple of tops I made this winter because I love mixing fabrics and textures together and I think my new tops are a good example.

But first here is a collage of just some of the garments I've made in the past where I mixed fabrics together.

My first top is M6922  and I used 3 fabrics. My rule of thumb is to use each fabric at least twice in the garment so as you see, that's what I did in this sweatshirt which I love.

The cable knit came from a poncho I made a couple of years ago but didn't  wear.The floral is a cotton/poly from Fabricmart and the stripe is from Fabricville.

( I was trying to find a spot in my house that wasn't too sunny! )

In my second top ,I used a piece of very soft faux fur, a heavy ponte, and a pretty textured floral knit salvaged from this top which I just never wore. I used M7093 and I have to admit, I didn't get the fit right on this one but it's cute isn't it. I especially like the cuffs which were my second spot for the faux fur.

But do you know what the best thing about these garments is? The fun I had creating them and finding the fabrics to use for each (all from my stash,BTW) If, like my sewing friend Donna, you are intrigued by mixing up fabrics. prints, etc. , do give it a try. It's just so much fun!

I have a really great jacket to show you next time and I'm working on an edgy suit for an event I'm attending so come back and see me soon, won't you?


Ann (SewBabyNews) said...

I love your creative mixing of fabrics. I've got that same denim floral knit that I used for my favorite pair of leggings. I'll have to dig into my scraps and see if I've got enough left of it for some sleeves like you did here.

Sharon said...

You do mix the fabrics really well and I like both of your new tops.

Sarah Liz said...

Great ideas for fabric matching here - sometimes I am not quite sure what to do with scraps of knits, but all these garments look wonderful, utilising all sorts of shapes and bits and pieces.

Guilaine guedon said...

Très intéressant ce mélange de motifs et de couleurs! j'aime beaucoup. Belle semaine

Susan Longenecker said...

hi...can you please share the pattern you used for the 3rd one in the top row...dots with stripe cowl color?
love it!

Gail said...

Definitely makes for economical sewing and much more interesting garments.