Monday, September 15, 2014

A Transition Into Fall Piece, B8674

 I've been wanting to make something out of this striped rayon woven fabric for at least three years so I figured  it was now or never and I think this shirt will serve me well as we head into long sleeves weather.

I've fallen in love all over again with tailored shirts these past months and for this one , I used B5786 , again.
I used the collar and sleeves of View D, the front of View A and totally changed the back as I've found that the back is really too long for my liking in both my other versions. I simply cut it exactly like the front.

First things first though.This shirt is cut on the bias so my striped fabric was an  ideal  choice, sort of. It's a rayon woven and looks like faille.However,it was rather difficult to handle  on the bias !

I decided to add a straight grain band  down the front.

 To do this, I cut off the self facing , leaving a 5/8" seam allowance. I then cut the band the  width of the dark stripe bordered by the  white stripes plus the SA of 5/8".  I sewed it with right side of the band against the wrong side of the  shirt front. I pressed the band to the front and with a little help from Steam-a-Seam, secured it in place, then edge stitched each side .

This was a little tricky to do because of the bias cut of the shirt front. It worked out OK but is a little askew. I must admit.I should have stabilized the edges of the shirt fronts before I added the band,

Another little touch I added was to sew a straight grain band across the shoulders by centering it evenly on either side of the seam. Again, I used Steam-a Seam to help out.

The pocket got a band as well.

The collar was cut on the bias and pieced at the center back so the stripes would fall in opposite directions at the points. The band  was cut with the stripes  on the vertical .

As for the length of the shirt, I added about 3" to the front, then matched the back length at the side seams and then mirrored the cut on the bottom of the front.

I think I like this shirt...a lot in spite of its imperfections.

This piece is a great match for these cream scuba knit yoga pants made this summer, ( SP3400)

I think this is a great piece to add to my already extensive wardrobe ( LOL)  and it was a fun make. I really enjoyed working out all the little details  for this one.

Next up is a coat  for my sister's 70th birthday. I gave her a drawing of it at her party and have since made a mock-up to make sure it will fit correctly. I'm using Burda 7072. It's a great coat pattern and I will probably use it for me sometime.

I hope you found time to sew this week.


Enid said...

I love it! The blouse looks wonderful done up in the striped fabric...
I really like the details you added and of course you look great as usual!

Amanda S. said...

This is so fun! Love the play on stripes and the perfectly centered button band down the front. I am really loving tailored shirts lately too, but only if they aren't too buttoned up and stuffy looking. This one is wonderfully casual.

Andrea said...

This is the cutest shirt..! I would wear this until the color faded and then still keep wearing it. LOL The stripes match beautifully.

Linda T said...

Just love your use of the stripes. Beautiful work!

Angela said...

I love this shirt! I was busy admiring it and clicked back to see what pattern you used, and am happy to see that I just bought that pattern:) It looks great on you.

Vernelle Nelson said...

Hello, Diana - Sewing with diagonal stripes is no easy task. You made it look so easy. the chevrons on the back are perfect. I love the way you set off the pocket, collar, cuffs, yoke and front facing from the rest. PERFECT JOB! Waiting to see what's next.

Vicki said...

The colour is great on you and the stripes are fund! Nice addition to the wardrobe :)

Sharon said...

Beautiful blouse and love how all those stripes match up!

Sarah Liz said...

Stripes, bias and a slippery fabric = a way to punish yourself! - but a great result.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Diana your blouse looks wonderful on you. Since I was fortunate to " see" this blouse I can say it is perfectly made 😄look forward to our next meet up.

Su-z said...

Wow! That is gorgeous. I see no imperfections, only a beautiful shirt that fits wonderfully.

Mary said...

I am way behind in blog reading due to my own projects but I am SO glad I caught up with you. What a wonderful shirt! I am totally impressed by the fabric manipulation, especially since you used a slippery fabric. I always enjoy seeing your work.