Saturday, July 26, 2014

Black,White and Red ( continued from last week )

Thank you so much for the lovely comments you left  on my black and white pieces. I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by and comment. I've worn all my pieces and love having them in my wardrobe. \

I got a nice compliment from a sweet young girl in Winners. I was wearing the black/white check shirt and she came up to me and said "I love the shirt you're wearing". Not often a 60 something gets a compliment from  a teenager!!

My son and his family are arriving today for  a two week visit so I'll not have time for blogging or
sewing. Nana will be very occupied with her little  Riley and Poppy.

 I wanted to show you two more pieces that fit the black /white. red theme.

The first one is McCalls 6822 (OOP)

   .This is strictly an around the house top and because it is loose and made from a very lightweight cotton knit from is very cool to wear on a hot summer day.

I had read on PR that the shoulders would fall off because of the neckline being wide  in the front and  low in the back. I didn't alter the neckline. I simply added a band across the back neckline , sewed down the overlap and that works for me.

The colours are red and grey and so it  matches  perfectly with my grey skinny jeans made last summer

The last top is a colour block top and  the pattern is V8856, View C .

The fabric is the left over cotton lycra knit from other projects with plain red and black poly lycra for the contrast sections.  ( I know I'm asking for trouble mixing cotton and poly , but we'll see how that works for me ).

I left off the sleeves and added neck and armhole bands for a pop of red.

I left out the inverted triangle from the bottom of the back. I don't need attention brought to my bottom at my age, LOL !

Here I'm showing it with slim yoga pant, palazzo yoga pant and skinny jeans and I think this top works with all tree bottoms.

I'll be checking all my favorite blogs while my company is here but I won't be sewing or posting.

Happy Sewing and see you in a couple of weeks!


Mrs. Smith said...

Love them both!!!

Amanda S. said...

Fun and funky! Good call leaving off the back triangle lol. I wouldn't need attention there either.

Nancy K said...

I love both tops. The second one looks so different with black pants and with the white pants. The white seems to make the outfit pop.

Linda T said...

Two more winners!

Rhonda Buss said...

I really like both tops. I wouldn't sentence the red and gray to the house. It's so cute, at least give it a trip to the grocery store ;)

Andrea said...

I really like your tops and the color theme you've had going. The tank is so sharp! The red/gray stripe is a fun top also.

Sharon said...

Wonderful tops and the multi one looks so different with the black or white bottoms. Enjoy your time with your grandchildren.

Vernelle Nelson said...

Diana -

I absolutely LOVE both of these tops. Can't decide which one I like best.

Enjoy your Nana time. They grow up far too fast. See you in a couple of weeks.

Sarah Liz said...

Both are so lovely - I think loose knit tops are lovely for hot day house wear. The second top is so striking - and so beautifully made, quite a challenge with the stretch panels, I should imagine.

Sandra said...

Love both tops! Enjoy your time with family--we'll be here when you return to blogging.

Enid said...

Really like these tops!
I wish the OOP pattern was still available...I would certainly pick that one up! Love how you added the band to the will be something I will incorporate when the issue comes up for me.....
You are a wonderful model for your creations!

Mary said...

You have made some lovely and striking pieces using these colors. I love seeing your posts!

Cennetta said...

Diana, I love this top. I think I will copy it. ;-)

Angela said...

These are great!