Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Marci Tilton Jacket and a Marfy Top

First, I want to thank you for the great comments you left about my last outfit. They are very appreciated! I wore the two pieces together to church today and got some very nice compliments.
An added plus is that both the dress and the jacket are very comfortable and fit very well. Don't you love it when you achieve a great fit!

Today I have my first Marfy garment ever ,albeit an easy pattern to sew, and the Marci Tilton shirt/ jacket ,V8982, promised last week. I'll start with the latter.


The fabric is a 50% linen /50% polyester that looks like denim and has a wonderful drape.I think it was ideal for this pattern.

This was not complicated to make. I made a size 12 but did an FBA and added a bust dart.  I also did a Narrow Shoulder Adjustment of 1/2"and I could have taken off at least another 1/2".

I changed the little slit at the cuff of the sleeve from the seam line to the front of the sleeve. I then added a button above the slit, just because.

 I used four buttons instead of three because I thought that was a better look for the size of my buttons.

I top stitched everywhere using a double needle with one white and one red thread. I didn't use top stitching thread though so it doesn't show up as much as I'd like.

I really like the neckline and the back section that extends to the front and sort of dips down.

The fit is quite loose as stated on the pattern envelope but the picture on the front makes it out to be at least semi fitted. I need to trust the description and not the photo on patterns. I know they must pin away excess fabric for photos. I could make this easily into a double breasted garment. For this pattern I wouldn't have needed the FBA. I placed the buttons 2" from the outside and that makes it fit better.

I consider this  a shirt rather than a jacket. Next time, I want to use a heavier material and make it into a jacket. I'll also try to figure out how to make it a little more fitted. Oh and the sleeves were quite long and I'll have to wear them folded back!

I recently purchased the 2014 Marfy catalogue which comes with free shipping and 20 free patterns! I'm in love with many of the designs. The free ones include some pretty cute things as well. I decided to try this tunic out for size.

I usually cut a size 12 with a little extra at the sides for the Big Four pattern companies. For Marfy I decided to cut size 46 even though my measurements are closer to size 44. I was afraid these patterns might run small but at least this one didn't and I had to take in the side seams.

This was a very simple sew. I omitted the crescent trim over the bust but I otherwise made it like the picture. I did add a band to the sleeves because I wanted to repeat the border print. They wanted to stick out so I added little darts and that fixed the issue.I also added a neckband highlighting  half circles as an extra design element. Pretty cute ,huh?

The fabric is a cotton /spandex bought in Montreal last fall . It feels so light and wonderful against the skin! I love it! Worn here with my new slim pants made using the Silhouette Patterns Yoga pant which I tapered below the knee. I love these!

This would make the best summer nightie and I intend to make at least one before too long.
As far as a top,  for me it doesn't do a thing. I wear it belted and blossomed so it wasn't wasted fabric and it will be comfortable on a hot muggy day this summer, but loose... I don't think so!

I hope you had a great time sewing this week. Next week I'll show you a couple more tops that I'm adding to my everyday wardrobe because I'm ever aware that I need to sew for my real life and not an imaginary one !!!

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Barbara J said...

Sewing for everyday life? What a concept :) I join you in trying to do that too.

Kat Z said...

Diana, would you share your method or a reference for the narrow shoulder adjustment? Love your tops, especially the way you make them uniquely yours.


Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

You know I'm so interested in your comments about the Marcy shirt/jacket because it's on my to-sew list. I love how the sleeves form cuffs even if it was unintentional. And thanks for your info on the jacket. I will remember it for my version! I'm really like yours too.

Sharon said...

I really like your shirt/jacket but agree the pattern envelopes can be deceptive and thankfully the sleeves look good turned up.

The Marfy tunic is cute, agree it has a bit too much fullness for unbelted, but wonder if you put in some shaping would that make it more comfortable.

Nakisha said...

I really like both of these. That top stitching is super cool!

Linda T said...

Never thought about using 2 colors on double needle top stitching. Thanks for that tip. Thanks for letting us know the fit of the jacket; I, too, thought it would be more fitted. I need to keep that in mind if I ever pull the pattern from the stash and sew it.

shams said...

Very nice, Diana! That pattern has interested me, too, though I've heard it's quite short. I really like what you did when you moved the slit and added the button. Very cute!

One of these days I'll have to try Marfy. I will enjoy seeing what you do with them!

Sew, Jean Margaret said...

Lovely jacket and the cuffs turned up look great. I like your tunic top unbelted, or maybe it looks better with the white pants. Add a little shaping to the side seams and it will look fantastic.

Mary said...

I love both pieces, and agree with you that the belted tunic looks better. Both ways are wearable however. I think unbelted on a VERY hot day would be just right.

Thanks for all the info on the MT jacket. That pattern is in my to sew container but it is 100+ for the summer so I will wait for fall. I love the shirt jacket on you, and the cuffs look nice.

Sarah Liz said...

I have wondered about the Tilton shirts and jackets - they always look a bit unfitted. Having said that, I think yours does work nicely as a little shirty sort jacket, and I know you will make it work next time time. And as for the tunic, yes, lovely and roomy for hot days ironing, but much better with the belt :)

P.S. Like Carolyn, I am gratefull you have made this jacket as it is also in my stash to be made one day!

Vernelle Nelson said...

Hi, Diana -

I love the way the jacket fits you. If I lived in a cooler clime, I might make one myself. I could, however, make it with very lightweight fabric and wear it as a blouse rather than a jacket. Hmmmmmmm. That might just work. Wouldn't you think?

As for the top. You did a wonderful job on that one as well. I particularly like the keyhole on the sleeve. Keep up the great work. You have a wonderful wardrobe.

Cennetta said...

Thank you for reviewing this jacket/blouse. I've had my eye on this pattern, but didn't purchase it yet. It good to know there is a lot of style ease in the jacket and that a FBA may not be needed.

Thanks again,

BTW-I also think the second top looks nice belted.