Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Coat That is also A Muslin (S2311)

My big plan for February was to make a coat using a piece of wool bought in Paris three years ago. I wanted to make a muslin first followed  by the real thing. The pattern is S2311.

Well, with renos going on around here ,my plan sort of fizzled out. I did ,however make the "sample coat" . I think you'll agree that I can hardly call what resulted a muslin.

Now ,I have to say that I  had a very unusual experience in sewing this garment, For the very first time ever, I created a garment without pressing one single seam! Can you believe it?  

Let me explain. After cutting out the pieces of this coat, I was auditioning, fusible interfacings to see which I would use and this is what resulted!.

This is what the fabric looks like to begin with.

 I was astounded! The fabric does have texture but not puckers!
I had no real idea of the content of this leather look fabric and I assumed it was polyester but I've interfaced poly faux leather before without any problem. I tried pressing open a sample seam without steam this time but the same thing occurred. Now you're probably thinking why didn't I dump the whole thing in the trash but anyone who knows me well knows that I I'm not a quitter so..... I top stitched every seam in the whole coat except the sleeve caps and the hems, which I just left alone.

And there was an awful lot of hand basting including interfacings and edges but I enjoy hand sewing.

Early on , I had decided to change the pockets from patch to welt with a flap and to  use brown faux leather for the  flaps and as a binding on the collar. I decided against the binding as quite frankly I was tired of working on this thing. So the only focal point the coat is left with are those leather pocket flaps , but that's OK with me.

I reviewed this patterns at Pattern Review so I won't go into details here. Suffice it to say that this is a really great pattern and it will be used for my Paris wool next winter. I made my usual  FBA, narrow, sloping shoulder and narrow back alterations, of couse but this is a very well drafted pattern.

So what do you think? I wore my new coat to a funeral today and got loads of compliments. I just have to learn to not point out to anyone who will listen that some of the seams are a little puckery and the hems are not up to standard!!

                                                       ( I really love the collar ) 

Oh , by the way, my new sewing room is in it's third day of construction and coming along very nicely. I'm so excited!! See!!
                        Day 1                                            Day 2                                       Day 3

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BeckyMc said...

Maybe the hem would look "pressed" if you let it sit for a couple of days with piles of heavy books on the edge of the hem?
Really great looking sample coat. Is it water resistant?

Linda T said...

I wouldn't have had the patience! But way to go - sticking with it after the problems you encountered. Looks great in the photos; I can see why you got compliments!

Diana said...

Thank you Becky and Linda. Becky that's a great idea. I'm going to try it. I'll let you know how that works. I'm not sure if it's water resistant or not!

Susan Fogel said...

This looks wonderful on you. Not a muslin at all. Nice work!

Sherry Baker said...

Diana, the coat really looks great on you!
I can't wait until my muslins turn out so nice. I keep telling myself I can only get better.
Have a Blessed,

Sharon said...

Fantastic coat and love your perseverance and knowledge how to deal with the issues the fabric threw at you.

Faye Lewis said...

Oh my! I have a dreadful taste for fusible interfacing pickers - guess everyone does. Your coat is beautiful Diana!

Vicki said...

Lovely! The topstitching is the perfect solution.

Ann Brodsky said...

Beautiful coat! I really like your fabric, and your fit is just perfect!

Tracy H said...

Great looking coat I admire your perseverance it certainly paid off

Dorothy DotDot said...

Worth all of the fun work!

Rosy said...

OMG! I admire your patience and courage, my dear Diana. This coat looks very interesting and it is not surprising that you received praise. I'm also excited watching the progress of your sewing room!

Sarah Liz said...

Don't we sewers love to point out all the little sewing quirks (aka learning experiences and things to improve next time) to anyone that admires our clothes? Perserverance is a wonderful thing - great results from your creative problem solving.

Shams said...

I love your trench, Diana! And I agree, what an nice collar as an alternative to a notched collar. That fabric is wonderful and I looooove what happens when you fuse it. I would use that fused result, for sure, as a design detail. On a pocket or a collar, perhaps, mixing it with a different fabric. Your workmanship, as always, is wonderful!

Jean said...

I don't think anyone would think "muslin" when they see that beautiful coat on you!

SEWN said...

Oh, I made that coat pattern and I love my coat. Yours is so cool!

Vernelle Nelson said...

Well... All I can say is YOU'VE DONE IT AGAIN! Seeing great sewing projects like this almost make me wish I lived in a cold climate once again.

As usual - a job very well done. Keep up the great work.

Cennetta said...

Diana, you're one jazzy lady! I love the coat and think it was worth the top stitching.