Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dress # 2 for Sister #1 and a Top for Moi

I'm hesitating to show the two additional dresses I've completed for my sisters as I have no modeled photos but I want to post something  I can always add pics later.

Pauline picked up her second dress this week and I was very happy with how really well it fit her. She really like this one and wore it to the morning Coffee With the Artist  event at our local library.

Here is the dress.

The pattern is New Look 6000. View A minus the sleeves. which I made for myself here.

The fabric is a medium weight striated cotton knit bought at Fabricville which I've used for several garments these past two summers and which I love. It has only a little bit of stretch but I love  the hand of this one.

I used my tested pattern ,made it one size smaller, and like for my dress I added neck and armhole bands. I made Pauline's dress closer to the body by using the front waist darts . She likes her clothes to fit closer to the body while I like mine to skim over things.

My camera battery gave out after just one pic and it wasn't a flattering one so I cropped it but you can see how well it fit. We were both very pleased about that.

The top I made for myself is Vogue 8710  .

 It's  a Katherine Tilton top which I've made before here. This time, I changed the sleeves to regular set ins and I sewed in cute little functional pockets into the seams at the bottom of the side panels..

The fabric is the same cotton knit as the dress above and my previous V8710. I made it to wear with my Marci Tilton skirt for which I've never been able to find just the right partner.

I'm working on a really cute colour blocked tunic a la Yves Saint Laurent which I'm really having fun making. I needed a creative outlet after four dresses (for the sisters)that I didn't dare change up too much. I have two more dresses and then am making stuff for Tamara for when she comes for a visit next week. I'll be quite happy to get back to the things for myself that are lingering in my head.

Hope you found time to sew this week.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely colour and lovely creations!

Vicki said...

The dress is a great fit on your sister. Cute pockets on your top too - good thinking there!

Steve Finnell said...

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twotoast said...

Wonderful outfit - and such a pretty dress. Love the pockets on your top - very cute :)

Jean said...

Your sister's dress looks great -- what a wonderful color for a summer dress. The pockets on your top are a nice detail.

Anonymous said...

Great fit on your sister's dress. I like the fabric colors, and pockets on your top are neat.

Irene said...

This dress is such a great fit on your sister.
Love those pockets on the top! Very practical, but such a nice detail.

Sharon said...

Gorgeous dress for your sister, it fits her perfectly and can see why she is thrilled.

Your new top works well with your Marcy Tilton skirt and those are cute pockets !

Jenny said...

I love the little details you added to the shirt. Very nice! Thank you so much for the info on Bloglovin. You're right. I haven't been getting the updates of your posts. Strange. I added it to my roll now. :-)

Claire S. said...

Hi Diana, way behind on reading so I have to go back, I see some beautiful pics in the last few posts.

I just was a video and cbc news report about the tornado yesterday. Seems it was sighted around your area as well. You all ok ?

Claire S. said...

oops just saw, not just was LOL