Friday, April 5, 2013

A success and an Almost unwearable Muslin

I hope you had a good Easter. We did and I'm glad Lent is over! But thanks to Lent, I lost 6 pounds!! It feels good!

I've been busy in the Sewing Room. First is a muslin for B5826


I decided to aim for a wearable muslin. I had this really pretty polyester charmeuse type fabric which in my mind looks like a Monet painting. It was suppose to be used for lining a future project and many times ,I wished I had left it that way.

The Paul Simon song "Slip Sliding Away " kept running through my head while agonizing through this top.
I won't elaborate, but suffice it to say that I swear to never making a slippery polyester garment of any kind in the future.

Here it is. Pretty ,huh?

The workmanship is so bad on this muslin, that I doubt my pride will let me wear it in public but it will be part of a Sunday after church outfit.

I intend to make it again in a drapey crepe type poly which I have on hand and I think will be less troublesome to work with.

More successful was this pair of skinny jeans which was a pleasure to make up.

The fabric is a cotton twill with no stretch and I know looks camouflage but I like them any way.
I was keen to jump on the printed jeans band wagon.The colours are dark brown and lighter brown with a light green.

Last fall, I made this pair out of a light grey stretch cotton denim which I loved. The calves are a bit too snug on this pair.

I combined V1234, S.Betzina's first jeans pattern , with Mc1234, ( both OOP)  drew my new pattern and although they fit quite well, I still have a glitch with the front crotch on the non stretch version.

I'd like to stress the importance  of making muslins to new sewers. Even if you've been sewing for 50 years like I have, muslins are often crucial to a good fit!!

Lastly, I made this top.

I made it specifically to wear with my much loved caramel topper (V8605)

I used SP Sweater Set, which is  one of my TNT patterns for tops. . I wanted a turtle neck but my fabric, a rayon knit, was not very stretchy. I decided to split the collar and add a zipper closure and  that worked very well. I really like it.

I plan on taking all of these pieces (except the pretty failure) to Ottawa in a couple of weeks.

Last year's poncho matches perfectly with the printed jeans.

Sorry this is so long. I just had a lot to show you. Thanks for sticking it out though ! Lol!

More pics here here and here.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you 've found time to sew lately. More later from


Vicki said...

Nice garments! And nice bonus with the weight loss :)

SarahLizSewStyle said...

I agree about muslins - I find a lot of garments just are not worth pursuing at the muslin stage. Saves a lot of heartbreak.

Jean said...

A lot of really nice pieces for your trip! I also agree about muslins -- it's an extra step, but it has saved me many times.

Jane M said...

Wow, what a wonderful new collection. Your skinny jeans are so striking and versatile. Thanks for the reminder about muslins. I had to learn that lesson the hard way.